" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the world

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 3 Jun 2010 11:18
Wednesday  2nd JUNE   
Could you believe that, I went to press save , and pressed send instead, and dont know how to adjust, or amend
stuff sent to the out box, not to mention doing something simple like  " continue "
Anyway, to continue   :-
Skipper and Scotty shot into emergancy action and 10 minutes later, we had the Kite on deck   , Phew, what a relief !
The Kite at 2690 sq. feet is a big sail , to put it into perspective, that twice the size of the average house.
mistakes here can be dangerous and very unhealthy to humans,, we were lucky to escape so litely.
We checked the kite for damage, but none seemed obvious, so we got busy , and put it up again.
It really is a great sail , and keeps the boat so stable, As we said crossing the Atlantic, tis like as if we were being
towed along by a tractor at full speed.
13.00hrs, We had a phone call on the satallite phone from " Fats " , He has already arrived in Vava'u  via NZ.
he had to fly thousands of miles to cover the 800 miles 0r so between Rarotonga and Vava'u...  and he has booked into
a crap 5* hotel.
18 .45hrs  We have covered 84 miles in 12 hours, thats an average of 7 knots, we think thats poor on this boat.
                However, thats what we allowed for this trip. 7 knots
Dinner was a very sofisticated beans on toast, with a couple of fried eggs thrown in for good measure. and a mug of Coffee.
24.00 hrs  We are now going into orbit, from wednesday , straight to friday   , yuppeeee.
                And the  KITE  is still flying gallently,  we are expecting a half moon in the next 2 hours, that should throw
                a bit of light into our long night, 
Watches,    We decided to both sleep on deck,  short naps, we have to keep an eye on the KITE.
Thats it for now,
Signed :-     Stephen Hyde,     ( Skipper )