Connecticut at Leisure

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 5 Jul 2011 11:19
MONDAY 4th JULY.   2011    Independence Day.
Well, well , to wake  up in the USA on Independence day is awsome, the buzz everywhere, people going to and fro
from 05.00hrs onwards is wonderfull, all getting organised for the day ahead.
Skipper did a few emails before taking a brisk walk in advance of being collected by Jacinta at 09.30hrs.
off we went in Jacinta's car back to their house in Madison , had a quick coffee and then prepared ourselves for thew town march,
not that we were walking or taking part in it , no,no, we were walking to the main street to view proceedings,
Down through the dense tree lined avenue , we viewed the bands, the antique cars, fire engines, buses, Davy crockett,
the reserve forces, and all sorts, It was all very good fun, ( thats how the Yanks would describe it all )
Later, when the parade was over, we all walked back, step by step to the house where we were served a pizza lunch
by our gracious hosts, " The Raferty's "  yum,yum, the pizza's were good, but then we are in a country where food
is plentifull and good value,
In the afternoon, skipper returned to the boat and rolled out the sails and dried them , they had being rolled up
saturated from the trip across the sound yesterday in the rain,
Later still, as dusk settled in, the fire works began again, this is the 3rd night in a row of fireworks and what a display. 
The sky was alive with fireworks and people all over the place enjoying themselves, a great place to be, and here on
the boat is very much in the centre of affairs.
A great day,
Thats it  for now..
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )