Sailing around the World,

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 1 Mar 2011 16:55
MONDAY  28th  FEBRUARY  2011
This is a big City and the skyscrapers stretch for miles along the coast, as we approached the harbour
entrance, we could see " Tzagine" a few miles behind,  We had some chat with them on the radio as we rounded the corner
and then headed south down the canal inside the barrier or sea wall,
It is great the way that Cities like thie, which bacically have no natural harbour, build these huge breakwaters to form a safe
 harbour inside. We passed all along these old warehouses on our starboard side, ( R.H. side ) and eventually picked up a mooring
outside the " Pernambuco Yacht Club " with the help of an employee of the YC in a row boat,
We decided to wait here untill it was almost high before heading upto " Cabanga Y.C. " where we will remain untill the 10th March,
Tzigane came and tied alongside us, John and Jenny came on board and we all enjoyed a few beers and some of Aileens
brown bread. Skipper and John looked at the batteries for starting the engine, they still registered 12.6v but as sure as eggs,
they will break down under load, Skipper is comming to the conclusion that these batteries ( which have been in the boat
since before we bought her in 2006 ) are all done,
At 1pm , we slipped our moorings and travelled the short distance to the " Cabanga YC " followed by Tzagaine, Arianne,
and Lady Lisa,  At the YC, we were directed into our slots and  securely tied up to the bouys and quay wall. Bow into the wall.
We then spent the next couple of hours cleaning down all the salt on the deck, cabin, cockpit, mast, and railings, etc.
and generally tided  up the boat before doing anything else.
Eventually, we put the rib in the water and went ashore on the far side of the little man made harbour ( Specifically
made for the kind of marina.we are in. )
The YC was impressive enough, a big modern club, with 2 swimming pools, tennis courts, function areas, B.B.Q. areas and
outside bars  ( just a couple ) .  There we registered ourselves and collected the passes required for leaving and entering the premises.
Later, we got a taxi to the " Spettus " steak restaurant,   Like the one in Salvador, it was basically self service for the beetroot,
potatoe salad, lettuice, susi. pickled onions, sweet corn, rice, all the sauces you could think of, and lots more beside,
The meats were brought to the table and cut off a large fork or type of sword,  Lamb, beef, steaks, chicken, sausages, chicken hearts,
You need a big appetite for this place, and there were as many big people  in this large restaurant and the aspiring appetites.
The whole bill came to about 30â each, and that included starters, desserts, coffee's , bottled waters, and a bottle of wine for the Boss.
not to mention the main course and a 10% tip . mandatory and on the bill,
We enjoyed it all, the language did cause a bit of a problem,
we eventually got a taxi back to the Yacht Club, and returned to the boat,
Now , we were beginning to get a feel for the place, but it is big, and has lots and lots of beautifull beaches,
Thats it for today,
Slan Lath
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )