Re : A Lady trip. Avoiding the recession in style.

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 29 Oct 2009 12:36
MONDAY 26th October 2009
Up early ,and after a good walk we got the boat ready to be hauled out in the rubicon boatyard,
10.00 the boat was lifted out and the annodes changed, they were not as poor as first thought, except the annodes on the prop and prop shaft were almost shot completly.
S.H did some sanding on the prop shaft and propeller as they looked the colour of an anaconda snake.We never saw anything like the colours before, S.H . is convinced that it resulted from an electrical attack while on the reception marina in Porto Colero.
12.00 we were relaunched and everything went very smoothly,  including the scrub down, the whole operation cost just 301 euro's.
Later on in the afternoon, we drove over to the "Gran Castillo Hotel " to meet Paul, Christine, Emily,and Rachel.
We also met their friends, the Stacks.   Billy, Rachel, and their three daughters, Lilly, Amelia, and Sophia
After saying all the  " hello's " Paul and Stephen went east along to the nearest beech for a swim in the sea.
There was a big sea running so, plenty of waves and surf, so we had a great time in the water for 35 minutes or so.
We had dinner in the " Princess Yaitza " hotel on monday night and this was excellent, a super hotel and crowded
with holiday makers. A very popular hotel........
TUESDAY 27th October 2009
Solw morning, Did work on the boat and had a good walk, Lunch in the "cafe Paris" and basicalled lolled around for the afternoon.
We all went to : The Gran Melia Volcan " hotel on tuesday night for  an excellent
japaneese meal.
Wednesday 28th0ctober
We got up early and went for a long wakl , which included a fail amount of jogging,
Met Paul on route by chance as he was out for some serious exercise, (30km's )
before breckfast.
We had a lovely coffee and a demolition attack on some of our favourate enemies
we went about our merry ways.
Later Paul,Christine,Emily, Rachel and Billy ,Rachel Stack and their three children
joined us on the lovely " A Lady " for lunch,
In the afternoon we all went for a sail towards Fuertoventura in beautifull conditions
We stopped the boat near that Island and all the males went for a swim,, ohhhhh
just what the doctor ordered, and refreshing as well,
When we eventually got back to Rubicon Marina, the Stacks and Christine left the boat for the hotel,
Stephen cooked dinner  for those left on board, this was followed by watching
"Mamma Mia " on the box, followed by going through the photo album's with Emily
and Rachel, They loved looking at their dad and all of us,stretching back to Paul as a 6 month baby, in Limerick....
After all that we all went to our different bunks, and ,of course, the kids loved it all.
It was like a day in Funderland for them