Sailing around the World

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 16 Feb 2011 11:56
Crips, we still have some blinking moths from our stop over in " ReUnion Island" last Oct./ Nov.
every now and then, a few appear and say hello!   we sincerely hope they are not breeding,
We checked the state of our Batteries with or meter reader, and sure enough, there are 2 down, and following many call to different
companies, it seems these batteries will have to be flown in directly from europe ......... or somewhere else.
We also got the engine serviced and some of the pipework under the galley floor re done,,   never a dull moment,
Aileen , Sylvia & Herman took off to the shopping areas, while skipper kept an eye on the servicing , etc.
including trimming the stops around the batteries, polishing the stainless steel and cleaning all the battery connections,
Later, after a " hard day at the office"  we went and had a few drinks on the marina with our American friends Bob & Maggie from
" Ocean Jasper "   They introduced us to   Lee   who joined the boat in Cape town,  Lee is an Architect, and decided that
as he has been through 3 major recessions before, he was going to vanish for this one and forget the woes of the world,
or really the U.S.  A nice guy,   
Himself , Bob and skipper discussed the plans for travelling up the east coast of the states later in the year, summer time ,
The dates for leaving the Carribbean are important, like we must be out of there by the end of May to avoid the hurricane season,
So we decided to meet again and finalise plans, this is great for us,  Lee lives around Chessapeake and Bob and Maggie
live in Maine, where we will eventually sail to by July.
There we will meet our daughter in law, Christine , our 3 grand daughters, Emily, Rachel, & Annabel, plus their other grandad
Hector, who have a holiday house in " Merry Meeting lake " , New Hampshire,  and our other Yankee friends Casey and Hidi
who live close bye in " lake Winnaposaki " and have the boat " Wild Tigress "
All in all, we will get good advice on where to go !
As already mentioned before, Aileen has been making bread from time to time, but at this stage, she is a wizzard with the brown
bread she makes, it contains nuts and raisins and is just great stuff altogether, Its sooooo good , that it gets gobbled up
the minute it comes out of the oven. She just cant keep up with the demand.
Soon , we will be able to open a shop on board and earn some pin money .
We had the rest of the chicken curry left over since last night for the dinner, and it was very, very tastey,
we caught up on some emails and messages, did the notes, checked the evergrowing list, ( at our age, a list is
a very important document to have, so every day we cross off the things that are done , and then add a langer load more
things to be done . )     Its a great document, because it never ends,
Off to the scratcher, where we watched a DVD before eventually falling asleep in our floating mobile home,
Thats all for now,
Signed, :-    Stephen Hyde,    ( Skipper )