" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the World ( presently in " Tahuata " , the Marqeusis Islands, South Pacific. )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 2 Apr 2010 20:08
Saining from  " Fatu Hiva "  to " Tahuata "  
Distance  40 miles NW
Wind NE  26 / 28 knots
Sea state  bumpy,
Weather , good,  sunshine and clouds,
Thursday    1 st  APRIL      Fools Day
06.30hrs  all up and about and had a light breckfast,
07.30hrs  Weighed anchor and set sail for Tahuata , There were 8  W A  boats in our little harbour as we left,
We decided to move on, we had seen what had to be seen in " Fatu Hiva " and we want to see as many of these Islands before we head SSW
to the Tuamotu Archipelago's  ,
14.00hrs  We reached our new Island, and again it was dramatic and beautifull,  How can I describe them, Sheer green cliffs
towering a thousand feet or more into the sky, casting magic shadows across the deep blue sea.
15.00 hrs   We had a visit from the three on " Eowyn " as soon as we anchored,
They had a horrifying storey to tell us,  ( it was gas, they were like school boys dying to share their experience with someone)
They were at a beach BBQ 2 nights ago ( organised by the " RONJA " family )
It seems that Patrick, ( A German / Swiss Guy , who works mostly in the Phillipines ) and sailing aboard " Thetis " , a German owned Yacht,
turned up at the BBQ, with a machette and started to chop up coconuts and continued this until he acidentally chopped off his finger.
( We all think this guy is half mad anyway )
Because it was so late at night and most people were in their bunks when this happened, that by the time a rescue was organised
he had lost the finger,  and eventually was flown from Hiva Oa to  Tahiti and Hospital.  Amen..
Later Aileen went ashore with thew " Eowyn " crew, while the skipper  sewed the torn spray hood. and prepared a Roast stuffed porksteak dinner,
Had a swim and ghenerally tidyed up while Donal had a nap.
20.00hrs  Dinner was served, and we watched a weird DVD called the " READER " The Skip. skipped the film and hit the bunk early
still suffering from stomach cramps.
Oh  , nearly forgot the swim,  we all went for a swim earlier in beautifull warm water,,,   ohhhhhhhhhhhhh  just the job to cool down.
Thats it for now, 
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde     ( Skipper  )