A Lady trip Canaries

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 18 Oct 2009 21:00
Wednesday 14th October 2009
Beautifull day again, and once more the real heavy due was evident all over the boat. we tidied up and sorted out the millions of flags on board, especially the MUNSTER flag , as our team will be playing on Sat. next..
Our hired car arrived at 4pm and off we went, noddy and nobody, like darby and joan. we did a little touring and of course checked out the local golf club.
booked a game for tomorrow.          
Later we drove to Playa Blanca and had a delightfull meal in " La Cocina de Colacho "  ( by the way, we have the best BACK SEAT DRIVER in the world,
and for rent at a small price. gaurentees also available. )
S.H. had a super bottle of spanish wine called " prjus de morana verdejo " very fresh white wine.
A.H. drove while S tried to keep his lovely cigar on fire.
it was a late night.................................
THURSDAY 15th October 2009
07.00hrs  Light breckfast, and off to the golf course, the backseat driver never let up. in fact the game of golf was over before we ever arrived. S.H was exhausted on arrival and got soundly thrashed by A.H.
Later, after the golf we went to see the house of " Cesar Manrique " . He was generally responsible for the architecture on Lanzarote. the place was
wonderfull, and we really enjoyed the visit.         
following on we visited the other golf club and from there we went to the wine growing region, Stopped off at  " STRATVS "  Bought some very nice wines and excellent cheese's...
A buffet dinner was had in the local 5***** hotel near the boat , it was only so,so, Lots of Italian type food, which the writer does not like
FRIDAY 16th october
Up early again and off in the car up north of the Island to one of the national treasures, " Jameos  del Agua "  Again this developed around underground caverns in Lava and designed by Cesar Manrique , ITS sheer simplicity and beauty make it a must see when going to this island.
Later we had lungh in " LagOmar "  This is a house and restaurant carved into the cliffs overlookink Aceriffe. ( the capitol ) Once again the hand of " Cesar Manrique " is all over the building,,,, which , by the way, was owned by OMAR SHERIFE for a very short tine  before he lost it again in  a game
of BRIDGE,  ( could you imagine arriving home to your mrs and saying....... " Sorry love, but I just lost the house to a langer in a game of cards "
Ohhhhh  Ohhhhhhh when is the funeral..............
Mind you if you read the small print, I would think Omar was conned.
Did a bit of shopping in Eurospar on the way back to the boat.
When we arrieved , we witnessed all the regatta boats returning to the port., and we could hear them all night as well, mostly girls screaming
all over the place.