" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the World,,

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 5 Apr 2010 21:05
SUNDAY  4th  APRIL    2010      EASTER SUNDAY.
06.00hrs  beautifull day again,
However there was a big issue over water  again, second time in a few weeks. Stupid
Upset the whole ship.
Anyway, we decided to leave Ua Pou and head for " Nuka Hiva "  a distance of 25miles NW
We tied the Rib on behind , raised anchor. and set sail, One reef in the Main and the staysail.
The wind was blowing 25  /  28. knots E
Average speed ,  7.2 knots
13.30hrs   We dropped anchor in Taiohae, The main port in " Nuku Hiva ",  a fine big harbour for a change, we also put down a stern anchor to
keep her facing the swell.
Crazy Horse, and Ocean Jasper , were already here plus about another 10 yachts. not on the World ARC
" Bob " from Ocean Jasper came to A  Lady  and downloaded some very good photos of A Lady under sail.. thanks Bob.
Later , we did some house work,including cleaning the windows, Cricky, the amount of salt on these, even  after a short sail is amazing.
19.00 hrs , after a lovely swim, Donal prepared a leg of lamb for dinner, including all the veg, roast potatoes, and GRAVY,
When finished,  We watched a W W 2 film called the " ROCK "  It was about the American G.I.s in The Galapagos , A good film.  Historical.
On Deck later, we watched the " Milky Way"    " the Southern Cross"     "  Orion "   " Sirious " none of these can be seen from the northern hemisphere.
except a continuation of the milky way,
Thats it for now,
Signed     :-     Stephen Hyde     ( Skipper  )