" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the World ( presently at sea, between Manihi and Rangiroa, in the Tuamotu Islands, )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 15 Apr 2010 15:56
WEDNESDAY  14th  April   2010 
07.00hrs Another beautifull day, skipper cleaned the cockpit after last nights dinner, and then did the blog and sorted out the
emails etc, while the rest had a good rest in their cosy berths,
10.00hrs We weighed anchor ( with a little difficulty) and motored 6 miles SW to the capitol Village of the Island.
A very small little place , filled with happy people.
S & A spent some time ashore and got some small items such as beer and soft drinks, ( bloody expensive here.) We also met
the crews from " Voyaguer" and " Ronja " ashore,   The Ruud family are on board Ronja with some of the kids friends and come from Norway,
There are at least six of them on board their " Jeanneau SO 49DS.and are good company.
We all had some ice cream, and nearly cleaned out the village of their stocks.
13.00hrs  Back on board, Aileen set about making some brown bread, while D & S  made the boat ready for going to sea.
15.30  With the smell of freshly baked wafting around the boat, we weighed anchor once more, this time the anchor took
a long time to free it from the blooming coral rocks.
16.00   We cleared the entrance channel ane set the sails in a nice E  20knot breeze,  Ohhh what lovely sailing.
We have lef a beautifull place, but there are many more such places around here  that we must explore.
20.00hrs,  Dinner by Fats, this consisted of a stew, and was just yum yum,
Night Watches :-        Donal  ................. 21.00hrs   to  01.00hrs
                                 Aileen...................01.00hrs   to  05.00hrs
                                 Stephen................05.00hrs   to  09.00hrs
We are glad to see that at least the Newmans and one of their friends read the blog, well done and thanks for letting us know.
Thats it for now,
Signed  :-    Stephen  Hyde     ( Skipper  )