Eating our way around the World ( Presently at sea, from Reunion Island to South Africa, )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 1 Nov 2010 08:50
SUNDAY  31st  October  2010     Day 2 at Sea.
Our first waypiont is about 30 miles south east of Madagascar,
Madagascar is the 4th largest Island in the World,   We are still trying to find ou what the other 3 are.
It is thought that this Island was part of the African continant originally, but drifted apart over the centuries,
The political scene there is  fragile and yachts are discouraged from visiting the Island,
Meanwhile, back on the boat,
01.00hrs  ( Skippers watch )  A clear night and a Harvest 1/2 moon appeared over the eastern horizon,
This gave us a lovely shimmering reflection across the sea and helped light up the place in general.
The wind was NNW  8k and we were scooting along at 6.6knots with the blue spinniker flying, mind ouy, we were also
sailing away south of our rum line.  ( a straight line from Reunion to our waypiont )  at this stage we were just 30 miles
south of this line.
This did not bother us too much, as the wind is forecast to go SE later in the week, so we will be able to climb back to the rum line quickly
when that occurs.
04.00hrs  The wind dropped to 5 knots, from the NNW so we dropped the " Bag of fear " on the deck and motor sailed .
Still a beautifull night to be at sea, Flat seas and almost no wind ,
09.00hrs  Radio call.  It became clear that most boats, with the exception of " Brown eyed Girl "  and " Tucannon " had motored
during the night and now there were 10 boats ahead of us.
The weather was still very good and we were sailing again with a 11.5knot  NW  breeze over our starboard side,  on a course
over ground of 225 T degrees. We had all sails flying  and making 6 knots, This was with a 2 knot current across us and slightly into us as well .
Its not often that we sail on a starboard tack,  ie , the wind over the right hand side of the boat.
90% of this trip , we have had the wind over the Port side of the boat , ie the left hand side of the boat as you look forward.
Distance travelled in 24 hours, ...............................................153 miles
Distance to the waypoint........................................................412 miles
Later, we got more plastic on the fishing line, but we have missed 3 good fish so far,  and this was due more to our own fishing technique
than anything else.
15.00 hrs, The wind reached a good 15 knots , and we were making good progress,
Skipper put on the Dinner,  today we are going to have dinner early, in daylight and warm sunshine,
Dinner today consists of more pork chops, peas, carrots, and potatoes, 
This all took 1 1/2  hours to prepare and cook. and it was woulfed down by a pack of hungry crew..  the trouble with giving too much food
at night is, everyone wants to go to sleep straight away,   soooooo like, who wants to do the first watch !  any takers.   bloody silence,
so lets get the food over early. and keep the crew awake.
Its a good job there is no drinking at sea, otherwise there could be a mutiny on board.....................
17.30 We hooked a big fish, this time he was well and truly hooked, A big fish  , the rod was straining under the pressure
and the fish jumped high out of the water many times, as we played him along.  It looked like a glue tuna, but we were not totally
sure of this.  We let him run, and would  then slowley reel him in, and repaeted this for a long periode before the line eventually snapped
 and off he went laughing at our best blooming efforts............
We had a relaxing time as the boat sailed along into the dark , with all sails drawing nicely, a tight stb. fetch,
There was a lot of shipping traffic about and this went on all through the night, so a carefull look out was always necessary,
and of course we could se everything on the radar.  Our A.I.S . seems to have gone to sleep for the moment.
Thats all for today , from the over fed gang.
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde  ( Skipper )