Sailing around the World, ( Presently at sea on the east coast of Australia, )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 15 Aug 2010 11:54
SUNDAY  15th  AUGUST  2010
07.00hrs, A Sunday morning, and there is a lot of activity on the marina,
Another beautifull day , and it seems like every one in Australia is going to sea.
The boys went ashore and had a shower in the shore facilities,  well we felt and smelt much better, when we were finished and
made our way back to the boat,
09.20hrs  We slipped our lines and motored over to the Fuel dock and took on board 395L of Diesel,,
10.00hrs  We motored out of the marina basin and headed down the channel , The 5 mile channel to the sea.
Having calculated our travel times to Thursday Island, ( 460 miles NNW ) it seems at 7 knots we would arrive in the middle of the night,
so we decided to stop at lizzard Island for 6 or 7 hours,  Lizzard Island is just 135 miles away and we will get there at about 07.00hrs tomorrow morning.
12.00hrs,  The sea was flat, the sky clear blue to match the sea.  but little or no wind, so we kept motoring.
Niall tried his hand with the rod, but with no success,
The day was spent having naps, telling stories, sunbathing, reading, and having cups of tea and coffee.
18.00hrs,, Skipper put on the dinner,, this included roast belly pork, roast chicken, creamed potatoes mixed with cheese in their baked jackets,
along with green beans and apple jelly.
We then slowed the boat down,, we were travelling too fast, and in danger of arriving at Lizzard in the dark,
Later, we slowed down even more by shutting down the engine and sailing under main only,
We passed a large tanker in the narrowest part of the reef passage, It was dark, except the moon was shining brightly ( well a quarter moon, )
The grib files are indicating much more wind tomorrow, and for the next 3 days, so we should have a quick passage,
 even if we have to manage our speed.
Thats all for today,
signed :-   Stephen Hyde,   ( Skipper )
Tonights watches,  :-     21.00 hrs  //  00.00hrs     Mary
                                   00.00hrs    /   03.00hrs     Aileen
                                   03.00hrs   /    06.00hrs      Skipper
                                   06.00hrs   /    09.00hrs      Niall