Sailing around the World

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 22 Feb 2011 23:00
TUESDAY   22nd  FEBRUARY   2011
we had plenty of rain again last night, It is great the way it seems to rain mostly at night.
but it does mean that we cannot leave the windows open when going to bed.
skipper went for an early morning swim, no crockadiles around here to worry about. he also cleaned the waterline on the
starboard side, it is covered in weed, will do the port side tomorrow, but it is not as dirty,
The water was lovely and refreshing,
later, we cleaned the toilets from head to toe, this took a few hours, but they were shining when we were finished,
and a job that was long overdue.
Skipper is still trying to sort out the batteries, It looks as if they will have to be shipped out to granada, but at least
it is much more cost effective than trying to get them locally. and thats if they could be got locally in the first place.
We had a light Tuna lunch with the "First Mates" brown bread / cake. just perfect for the lunch and a way better than last nights dinner.
The temperature in the saloon was 30 degrees at 3pm, and the humidity was 60%  all very nice and comfortable,
Later , we went ashore to the beach, where Aileen had a swim,
One thing we noticed about here ,  The dogs and cats, they are everywhere and the bird life is thriving here as well,
However, there are no seagulls, not one to be seen anywhere,
We did a walk about after the swim, and the place is very pretty, and a lot of money is being spent on renovating the
old buildings and churches.  Brazil seems to be in good times at present.
We later returned to the boat and Aileen did the dinner tonight, a curry chicken and rice,  all very tasty,  yum, yum,
skipper had a large G&T to celebrate doing as little as possible,
Stefan sent a text to say he was on the mend after his operation yesterday.
Thats it for today,
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )