Sailing around the World ( presently in the Coco's Keeling Islands )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 24 Sep 2010 03:20
We all got out of the scratchers early as we were taking the twice weekly ferry from D.I. ( Direction Island ) to Home Island,
In fact 1/2 the fleet got the ferry , which arrived at the jetty at 08.30hrs on the nail.
Neil dropped us ashore to catch the ferry as he was remaining on the boat at D.I.
The Ferry was an Aluminium standard type motor launch, but had jet propulsion, mostly because of the shallow nature of the whole Lagoon.
We arrived at Home Island 25 minutes later.
Skipper, Aileen and Terry walked south to " Oceana House ", not very far as it turned out.  This house was the original residence of the
Clunie Ross Family who originally owned and ran the Islands up untill the 1950's when the Australian Gov. bought them out for  $6,000,000.
The house is now owned by LLoyd & Avril, we met Avril on the Ferry a couple of days ago on our way to West Island, and she invited
us to visit their place the next time we were on Home Island.  So here we are ....................
The place is in an afull state,  a fine big residence of a colonial style. but left run down over the years by different owners
and now Lloyd and Avril were in the process of renovating the place.  Ohhhhh MG, what a job they have on their hands.
We spent an hour talking to the 2 of them, and got a facinating storey of how they came to buy the place.  Of course most of the exotic plants
that were in the grounds of this house , are now in the grounds of other houses. and their biggest problem is stuff getting nicked every time they
go away to Australia for a while.     And these are Muslims living here, so stealing and robbery is commonto all religions.
Later, when we were finished at the house, Aileen walked back to the village, and Skipper and Terry did a walk around the whole Island,
an interesting thing , we came across a good number of chicken farms on our walk, and yet they import all their eggs from Australia
and as a result are about six times the price of eggs anywhere else.  and a head of luttice could cost as much as $15.......
Anyway, the place is still beautifull, it is still another paradise, despite the few little things.  We love it here.
Midday.  Skipper and Terry returney to the Village, where skipper posted some photo's on a memory stick to " Oyster Marine "
which hopefully they will publish in their next Magazine,
The return Ferry to D.I . was at 2pm , so we collected all our pre ordered food, fruit and veg from the supermarket
and carted them down to the Ferry pier.
Skipper then ran back to the fish tackle shop to get some swivals, and even though this whole operation was fast, the Ferry left without him.
It pulled out as he ran down the quay wall, waving like a lunatic, but off it went, bye, bye,    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh  feck!  what now,
no more Ferrys to D.I. untill Saturday.    wahhhhhhhh.
Next thing............. " Hellow Stephen "  two of our German friends from DESTINY had travelled up to H.I. and were now about to return to the boats,
timing is everything,...  " Ahh you miss ferry, vould you like lift back to A Lady "      Would I blooming what !    Thanks lads, and all aboard their
rib and had a pleasent trip back to the boat..
We then spent the next hour or so  storing away all the goods and making the boat ship shape.
Aileen, Terry and Neil all went ashore for the daily swim on the Island, under the shade of all those beautifull Palm trees,  swimming with the
little Black tipped sharks............
Meanwhile the skipper cooked the corned beef for tonights Dinner.   We have Dave and Sue from " Voyageur "  and John and Jenny
from " Tzigani " joining the 4 of us for dinner tonight, at 6.30pm
Dinner tonight  :-   Starters,  prawn cocktail and Melba toast,  
                           Dinner,     Corned Beef and cabbage with creamed sweet potatoes and normal potatoes mixed .
                           desert,     Aileens boat made Coffee and Walnut cake,
Not a crumb left, so we assume all enjoyed the feast, not to mention the wines and coffee's
22.30 hrs,  Our guests departed in breezy conditions and got soaked going back to their boats. the rest of the night was extreemly windy, with matching rain for good measure.
The scratchers  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Thats all for now.
Signed  :-  Stephen Hyde    ( Skipper )