Sailing around the world, Presently in " Musket Cove " Fiji

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sat 3 Jul 2010 23:49
FRIDAY  2 nd  JULY  2010
07.00hrs, Up and about , all very quite, no Fats or Margaret,
John does his usual connection to home on wifi, while skipper toddles off with Bob, Maggie, & Lars to the airfield.
We have booked a Skydive for early morning.
The Pilot of the aircraft was a girl called Jess, from Australia,
The 4 of us are about to undertake a 14,000 foot skydive, Only Lars has ever done a skydive before, ( 14 in all ) and at that only a 4,000 ft drop.
We had to get lessons from the guys that would be attached to us for the dive before we got into the plane,
And we could only go up in two's, so Lars and the Skipper went on the first flight,
The scenery and views on the way up was something else, lots of Islands and all that coral, but the different colours, wow
the greens, the pale blue's, the mid blue's, and the blue blue water.  
4000 feet she called,
7000feet she called,
14000 feet she called, ohhhhh my god , what got into us,,  ohhhhhhh  GOD !
3 miles to go,
2 miles to go,
1 mile to go, I have definatly lost it this time.
Lars is sitting nearest the door, They open the door,, THE  COLD,,  THE  WIND,    ahhhhhh  " Oh . where's the toilet paper,"
Next thin , Lars is gone,  zap gone,
Oh shite !   I'm next ,,  Oh please can we got back , I really dident mean it ,, BUT   I  CANT. what would my children think,  Whimp.  yeah , WHIMP.
Skipper is shoved over to the open door,  " dont look down", but I do,,   Ohhhhhhhh I feel sick , but there's no time for that now,
Lars is gone and no sign of vomit,
Zap , and we are tumbling down through the sky,   120 miles an hour free fall .
Meanwhile, Aileen is back on board cleaning and polishing the boat, unaware of my venture into the unknown..
We free fall just 10,000 feet in 70 seconds, then Langer Dan pulls the chord and slows the whole thing down,
Skipper is even allowed steer the parasail for a while, before eventually touching down on Terra Firma.
WOW  WOW  what was all the fuss over, bloody simple, and we got videos of the whole thing to prove we did it ...
Now , Bob and Maggie had to do the whole thing over again, and also enjoyed the new and different experience.
13.oo hrs  Skipper had a lot of paper work to do before meeting the customs and Immigration guys later in the afternoon,
That all took some time and in the end , they would not clear us to go , as Daniel Hearsum still had not arrived,
He is due at 18.30, so the guys said the would come back to the office at 19.00hrs and complete the documents.
They never turned up.  Typical ..................
Daniel arrieved and we all went to Dicks Place for dinner,
We introduced Daniel to many of the crew's and had a laugh. ( still cant get over that Fats and Margaret are gone )
John had a late night as the rest of us went to the scratchers early,
Thats it for now,
Signed :-   Steohen Hyde   ( skipper )