Camden, Maine, U.S,A.

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 16 Aug 2011 12:46
TUESDAY 16th  AUGUST  2011
Yesterday was a cold dull day, with a light sprinkling of rain during the day,
We met brian Smullen and Micheal O Flaherty for lunch at the Yacht Club and had mostly
Clams with drawn butter, all very civilized,
The Yacht Club do not sell alcahol so the lads came well prepared with the glasses and the wine,
We also met David and Susan LLoyd at the club who invited us to dinner on their Motor launch last night,
When lunch was finished, we were taken on a tour of " Namhara" , thats a large Motor Yacht belonging to micheal
and this was followed by a tour of his  house on the edge of the water and then a tour of Brians
house just across the road, both beautifull properties,
An hour later we did a tour of the town where Skipper got botten by a large black labrador, The owner was having
difficulty controlling the dog and and said to Skip that all is ok and the dog was generally very quiet,
well can you imagine the shock when the dog grabbed skipper by the arm and nearly broke it in the process,
the owner apologised but skipper was shell shoched , not to mention the broken skin marks and stinging pain,
Off to the pharmacy and got some antibiotic cream and applied it generously before meeting the second mate
and going for a coffee to relax..... whew, what next !  bloody dogs,
Our heat exchanger did not arrive last friday to " Wayfarer" marina as expected, and is not going to arrive before
tomorrow wednesday at the earliest, boats and boat yards, its always the same, Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow,
The boat yard here is owned by a Shane Flynn from Carrig on Shannon, He was head of MNBA at one stage before
buying this boatyard, Generally it seems a very busy place,
19.00hrs, The weather took a turn for the worst, the rain came pouring down as we made our way in the dingt to
David and susan for a great home ( boat ) cooked dinner,   we had smoked salmon starters followed by stuffed raosted
chicken, brockly,  roasted tomatoes with a sauce that was very impressive, and all followed with a wild blue berry tart and cream,
We had a very pleasent night before returning to " A Lady " in very wet conditions,
Todaay, Tuesday, is wet, WET, wet, It poured rain all night plus lots of wind, brrrrrrrrr, its cold , very cold,
and our trip on Namhara for lunch today has just been cancelled due to the inclement weather,
Thats it for now,
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde    ( Skipper )