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A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 19 Apr 2010 04:41
SATURDAY  17th  APRIL   2010   " Rangiroa "
07.00hrs   Another beautifull day in paradise,
09.30hrs, we went ashore and were collected at the pier and brought to the Hotel again, this time to collect
the buggies we had to leave there last night.
A & S went into the Village and collected some really flowery tops we had made up ,
If we painted the skin copper, we would look like the locals. but we had great fun and the people were very friendly.
13.00hrs We had lunch  ( chicken wings ) in the hotel once more, after lunch the skipper got on 
 the hotel wifi while Aileen went for some bathing.
14.00hrs we changed the buggy for a regular car with a /c, things are improving.
Later we called to the " Top Dive Center" and booked diving lessons for Donal and Skipper for tomorrow morning at 10.00hrs
We also checked out the time of Mass also for tomorrow morning,, ( 09.00hrs )
We returned to the boat and relaxed before dinner,
S & D joined the other crew's for dinner in the " Ralais Josephine " for Dinner,
Aileen decided to stay on the boat as dinner was a fixed menue of crab and lobster and they do not agree with her arthritis.
The dinner wes very good and the ambience excellent, but the bill was astronomical,We could hired ABBA for the price.
A complete rip off.  Feckin langers,
And another thing, the main waitress / waiter was a man dressed up as a doll, thongs and all, feck , whats this all about !
in fact we saw lots of these gays or whatever they are, all dressed as women al over the place.........
It turns out that its part of the culture here..  
In the olden days, Historically, the third male in all familys was was eaten by the tribes as a sacrifice to the Gods,
So , to get around this problem, the families brought up the 3rd son as a girl, and the tradition still survives today,
Ohhhhhh , grab that boy, ooops I mean love !   oh what the hell , who knows whats going on these days ?
Ahhhhh  , thats it for today..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Signed  :- Stephen Hyde    ( Skipper  )