USA Nantucket

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 2 Aug 2011 01:53
MONDAY  1st  AUGUST 2011
Here we are in Provincetown, Cape Cod, Mass. having arrived here from Nantucket last night at 7.45pm.
However, we will skip back to last friday when we arrived in Nantucket  from Martha's Vinyard,  
once we sorted out the expensive moorings, ( twice as much as Martha's Vinyard ) we dropped the rib in the water
and motored ashore, we strolled down town where Aileen went surveying all the shops and skipper went in
search of Hugh O' Connell , Hugh grew up with our children during the last century and now lives in Nantucket.
After 2 hours, skipper had managed to get a new cell no. for Hugh, however we failed to make contact and so
returned to " A lady " and cooked dinner , watched a film and hit the scratcher early, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....
Saturday :-   We made contact with Hugh and he came to the boat for breckfast and lots of chat, catching up on old
times and all that stuff. Later the 3 of us went ashore and had a bite of lunch and a wander around the place,
we even got to the Whale Museum which was only so so. we expected a lot more from that place given the history
of whaling on Nantucket. It was the most important Whaling port in the world at one stage, so the houses
( which have been preserved to this day ) are beautifully designed and maintained, lots of them with whats called
the " Widows Balcony " on top of their roofs,  This is a balcony on the roof top where the wife's would stand and look
out for their husbands returning from the sea.   ( of course many never returned, hence the " widows Balcony " )
Later , we all had dinner ashore before Aileen and Skipper returned to the boat.
The harbor was crowded with sailing boats and a good selection of Motor launches, there was almost nothing smaller than
" A Lady" and some of the Yachts were humongous........... like 120 feet and more......  It seems that a number
of past owners of mega yachts from these parts are now guests of the state, behind bars....................
Sunday :-   Hugh joined us at 09.00hrs and half an hour later we all set sail for Provincetown, approx 65 miles north
of Nantucket and right at the top of Cape Cod. The weather was good but the winds were light and from ahead, so we had
to motor sail up the outside of Cape Cod, We had a strong current agains us almost all the way  plus dodging the thousands
of lobster pots, which were all over the place so it was like sailing through a field of turnips, we also did some Whale
watching as we went, in fact we passed at least a dozen Sperm Whales on the way, a truely great sight,
We arrived at 7.30pm and picked up a prearranged mooring at Province and immidiatly set about cooking
stuffed pork steaks, creamed spuds, and carrots, plus a couple of " A Lady " G&T  specials and the " cats me Aunt "  yum, yum,
we had a good night and managed the bunks by midnight...........ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ 
Monday, today :-  we took our time over a coffee breakfast and eventually went ashore to the " Gay Capitol " of the east
coast of America, The small vibrant town was full of feminine looking blokes and real butch looking dolls, all so
frightfully fancy and delicate... ohhhh la, la, 
Skipper even managed a light hair cut in a real Gay hairdressor shop, where the big boss was busy giving  pedicures
and painting the toe nails of like minded blokes.
The day flew by , we had lunch in " John Dough's" and before we could scratch ourselves at the Pirate Museum , it was
time to say goodbye to Hugh as he boarded a bus back to " Hyannas" where he would catch a ferry across
to Nantucket,  All good things come to an end, however we enjoyed the few days with Hugh and now we are making preperation
to head further north to " Wentworth by the Sea " Portsmouth tomorrow,
Thats all for now,
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde    ( skipper )