" A LADY TRIP " sailing around the world and avoiding the recession, (presently in the " San Blas Islands " )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 21 Jan 2010 13:17
08.00hrs   TODAY is a very special day for Aileen and the Skipper,
                TODAY is LEAH's birthday ( our daughter)  and also NANNA's birthday ( Aileens mother ) who is the big 90 today.
                HAPPY BIRTHDAY
08.00hrs   Today here is dull and overcast, but warm, so everyone jumps over the side to wake up with a refreshing swim.
                No sooner are we visable to the world, we have an invasion of local DUG OUT CANOE's filled with all sorts of fruit ,lobsters , crabs, veg,
                and of course the usual hand crafts by the women. who also paddle these beautifull hand carved dug out canoe's
10,00hrs   We weighed anchor and moved a couple of miles to the east to another island, ( our chart has no names for these) where we
                dropped anchor and all went ashore for some snorkling.
                Fantastic , The amount of beautifully coloured fish among the reef's was wonderfull and the skipper saw a shaol of SQUID
                swimming along under himself for a while. Thats a first for him, Never saw a squid outside an aquarium tank before.
                We collected a couple of coconuts and tried opening or taking off the outside cover on them, After exhausting ourselves
               smashing them against rocks ,and beating them with with big logs, we failed to open them, so decided ( not to be defeated) that we would
               bring them to the ship and attack them with a     .hack saw.   Eventually, with " A  LADY" looking as if she had been turned into
               a friggin sawmill, we succeeded,  and whats more , it was worht it all, the milk was so refreshing and the coconut itself,  yum yum
15.30hrs  We weighed anchor and set off east again in search of more paradise islands, we sailed along under headsail for an hour before 
              selecting our next exotic island, which we duly did, 
              As we approached, Grattan says in a whisper, " oh , there is another Irish flag here already " GASP ........WHAT
              and guess what,   " PYLADES "  our friends from college days ( Fergus Quinlan and Kay Cronin ) who  we met on a few occasions on our
              journey so far.  The last time we met was in MADEIRA , many months ago. fantastic to see them again.
              GOD, what a small world , There are about 300 or more islands in the San Blas Islands, and we both arrieve in the same dot island together.
18.00hrs  After some relaxing time and naps, Fergus and Kay joined us for a social hello and drink on A  Lady.
              They are so interesting, always surprising our guests with the stories of them building Pylades in the E.S.B. pole field in Dublin
              Terry O' Sullivan is still suffering from welding nightmares , having listened to them in MADEIRA ..oh  I  still laugh at that.
              Fergus is writing a book, That should be interesting and definatly worht a read , If he ever finishes it.........
20.00      Dinner was by FATS  . Starter :- Irish smoked salmon , prawns and avacado...
                                                Main   :-  boiled potatoes, Chicken drumsticks, sausages, Broccoli, and baked beans..  Just the job..
22.00     We all had an early attack on the bunks. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz