Sailing around the World looking for something to do.

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 6 Sep 2011 13:07
Here we are in Boston, having arrived here late last night from Portland, a distance of 102 n,miles
However, today is a beautifull day and the weather is much ,much warmer here than in Maine,
We are tied to the marina at Long Wharf, a very central place to down town Boston and we
are surrounded by humongos motor yachts,
Before we forget, Skipper did articles about our trip around the world for the " Oyster Magazine" , the article " Gone with the Wind "
will be spread over a number of issues, and some of our friends have ordered these magazines directly from " Oyster" while others
just downloaded the article or magazine from the net.  The first article was last Autumn's magazine, 2010,
We spent the morning here in Boston cleaning, dealing with emails, skyping the kids, and showering in the excellent
facilities they have on the marina.
Midday,  Aileen went to the "Boston Harbor hotel" where our son Paul & Christine got married 11 years ago, the second
mate wanted to get a memory fix,  while Skipper met Larry Mehl, ( a friend of Christine's ) and was also at their wedding
all that time ago,
Skipper gave Larry a tour of " A Lady" and then we both went to "South Fish" for lunch, especially the chowder , which
was just great, a thick white creamy soup full of lobster bits, clams, mussels, pototoes, onions, etc,  
Later, skipper and the second mate did a tram tour of Boston which took an hour and half, on our return to the Aquarium we
walked over to the Quincy Market, what a place, full of restaurants and food outlets, one could get anything from fresh fruit
to Japaneese food, chineese food, Roast turkey, hot dogs, hamburgers, desserts, cakes, quishe's, pies,
you name it, they had it,   " A FOOD FRENZY"
Then we walked the town , from the dock area up to " Boston Common" and then down " Antique Road"
( still with gas lights on the side walks ).  from there we walked back to the center of town and had dinner in the famous
" Union Oyster House" , it is an Institution as well as being the oldest Restaurant or Inn in the U.S.
president " J.F. Kennedy" and some of his family often frequented this place , so we ate dinner ia a real historical place,
mind you the food was only so so, and the toilets were crap.
Still, we had a good day and an early night, we also decided to stay another day in " Boston "
Now , back to last Friday 2nd ( again )
Skipper forgot to mention the interesting breckfast we had on board " Nomad" with Paul and Sue friday morning,  Paul cooked
Egg's benedict with bacon and english muffins plus french toast, a feast for breckfast, and fit for a king,  
Later we did some walking around and skipper purchased a small digital camera at real good value,
We went for dinner to the " Thistle Inn " with Joe and Judy Metz and had a great night,
Saturday 3rd  We motor sailed from Camden  35 miles WSW to Portland , the wind increased as the day wore on , and naturally it
was on the flippin nose,  the seas got choppy as time went bye so skipper took two stugeron, they nearly sent him to sleep,
we eventually arrived in Portland around 3pm.
Aileen went off to Mass in the Cathedral, skipper searched out the Maine Marine shop and bought the last copy of " Sail " magazine
which featured mostly the american boats that sailed in the World ARC trip.
such things as :-  Joe Metz and his ordeal off the coast of South Africa where he encountered winds of 60 knots and broke
some of his gear and had to be towed into Haut Bay, Chessey also suffered simular problems in the same area, and then
there was plenty about Jim Giddes getting married to Annie in the Grenadines,  Jim met Annie in Mackay , Australia only
6 months earlier and now they got married......
and then tere was a lot about " Basia"   a catamaran which got run down by a ship off the coast of Brazil and how the
 ARC fleet rallied around " Basia" and escorted her back to Granada,, 
Skipper finally found his way to the Cathedral and got some blessing before returning to the harbor's edge where he
ate dinner in a Pizza Place,  Aileens hate's pizza's so took off to the " Ri Ra " Irish Pub next door for her grub,
Skipper had an enjoyable Flat Bread pizza. All this while he was being chatted up by an interesting doll , who explained that one of her most
exciting affairs was with a policeman from " Belfast" , Skipper eventually had to make a run for it ,, 
Sunday  4th 
06.45hrs    We Departed Portland, we nibbled our way out the harbour in thick fog again , the biggest worry was these flippen pots
floating just under the surface and with visability down to about 50 yards and motoring leaves little or no time for evasive action,
Aileen had a text message from one of her sisters, which set the tone for the day, total silence....................................
Our destination was Boston, 102 miles south of portland, again the wind was on the nose, but at least the fog cleared up after about
an hour at sea and we had a beautifull day, we just motor sailed all the way, and arrived in the lovely and interesting harbor of Boston
around 7.30pm local time.
Boston, The home of the " Boston Tea Party"  and a harbor that skipper often admired from the sky as he flew in or out of Boston,
was beautifully lit up , all the tall buildings glittering in the night sky as we made our way to the marina,
The view was awesome. and  a great feeling arriving in the dark,
Thats it for now
Signed  :-   Stephen Hyde  ( Skipper )