" A LADY TRIP" Saining around the World, ( presently in the Galapagos Islands)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 2 Mar 2010 18:56
Monday 1st March 2010
06.00hrs, Up bright and early to another beautifull day in paradise.
There is a nice S.E. breeze blowing and its a very low spring tide,
07.30 hrs  We go ashore ( dry landing) on South Plazas Island, Lots of sealions along the shore mixed with sea Iguana's
The Island is famous for its Land Iguana's and there are plenty of these scattered all over the place,
They live on mainly cactus flowers and other small flowers groing in abundance on the island.
There were also lots of Lava Lizzards and Darwin Finches, Its amazing how these finches fly in between the tourists as if they just another bunch of bushe's on the landscape.
11.30hrs We returned to the ship, where we weighed anchor and set sail for Pto Ayro
14.00hrs, We arrieved at our destination and dropped anchor just beside  " A  LADY" and had our lunch,
Most of those on board went off to the Darwin Centre, while the skipper went to A Lady and got a blow by blow account of the Tsunamie Night
from Fats, Kevin was already ashore travelling around.
16.00 hrs  Skipper went ashore and visited the hotel that Sarah and Paul stayed in when they were here on their honeymoon a few years ago.
Then up town and replaced the flippers broken earlier in the year.
The skipper then had a call from Tess Hogan, regarding the trip and the newspaper article in the " Echo" FRONT PAGE  wow about A Lady
and the Tsunamie,  Sarah later read the whole thing out for us..  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Listning to the storey unfold, It seemed to be an article dedicated to !
19.00hrs Back to the Ship for dinner, our last night on board the ship, Aileen collected the tips for the crew and Guide and handed it over
before we went to the scratchers for another early night,
We certainly had a great laugh with the other sailors on board and got to know every one,
Signed  :- Stephen Hyde,  ( skipper )