Almost sick of boats again , Sailing around the World, ( presently in Cape Town )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 5 Dec 2010 17:55
Up early, we are off to play golf in the royal Cape G.C. which have a recriprocal arrangment with " Las Brisas G.C." in spain
where we are members, so we got to play on a saturday ( members day only ) and also for nothing,
We arrived there at 08.30hrs and were introduced to our two playing partners, Luther & Karin Thomas from Germany,  they like many
other people we met down here are considered " Swallows "   ie, They spend 6 months in Europe and 6 months in South Africa,
and they do that every year.
The course was excellent, and we played well enough for people that did not play for bleedin ages. we even managed a few pars.
The course was well surrounded with mature pine trees and the place had thousands of Egyptian Geese all over the course,
they were almost a pest. and they are protected as well as being totally inedible.
The weather was nice and warm for a change, and we really enjoyed the game. when we were finish, we had a light snack while
the attendents cleaned and polished our shoes and clubs.
later we got the taxi back to the marina again , Neil was still on the missing list, so we relaxed and chilled out for a while.
later still, skipper put on the corned beef to cook, so we are having Corned beef and cabbage tonight for dinner,
The food on the boat is still the best , and the corned beef turned out to be the most tender beef we ever ate,
We had the candles lighting for the dinner, while we watched " Elton John " playing his 60th birthday concert on DVD,
He is still a great entertainer...............................
Aileen did some clean ups, and Neil returned around midnight, having had a great couple of days.
Ohhh, just a good day !
Thats all for now.
Signed :- Stephen Hyde    ( Skipper )