" A LADY TRIP" Sailing around the World ( presently sailing fron the Dutch West Indies to the San Blas Islands )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 17 Jan 2010 15:25
SATURDAY 16th January  2010
07.00hrs   At this stage we were all on deck, having had a tough night.
                We opened up the full mainsail and staysail and sailed merrily along in very big seas
               Miles travelled on this trip..............388
               miles to go on this trip...................222
               Wind ( modest by comparrison)      36 / 39 knots
12.00hrs  The wind had moderated to a very modest 29knots and we all felf much more comfortable.
               so much so, that we were able to have a light snack and a cup of TEA
13.00hrs  There was a major increase in the amount of Ship Traffic around us, Presumably all going to and from the Panama canal,
               The skipper also recieved an email from his Aunt VERA and her husband LARRY, who live in New Zealand,
               As mentioned the other day, modern communications are truly amazing, To think that here we are out at sea , hundreds of
               miles from anywhere and we can communicate with people all over the Globe,via the satellite system. Wonderfull stuff.
Any ,it was great to hear from them , and all is well wiyh them in N.Z.  " VERA " is the skippers Mother's younger sister and we are all
very fond of her.
18.00hrs  The skipper prepared a roast chicken, with crispy bacon, creamed potatoes, and carrott's ( to improve our night time vision)
               We were so hungry at this stage that we would have eaten the  " Arse off the Chicken through a barbed wire fence "
               It all turned out very tasty and all the troops wanted when they were finished was the bunks.
Stephen and Aileen did watch untill 01.00hrs
Fat's did watch untill                      04.00hrs
Kevin did watch untill                      07.00hrs
Lot's if traffic all night, but otherwise, it was uneventfull with a breeze of 32 knots all night.