A Lady Trip. Las Palmas, Gran Canary. Avoiding the recession in style

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 17 Nov 2009 12:52
WEDNESDAY. 11th November 2009
Up early, and after a short walk,we were joined on board by the mechanics from " Potentia " to complete the servicing of the generator.
S.H. took the rib out of the water on the spinniker pole again while the girls went off about their buisness, S.H. found one of the dreaded
cockroaches on deck while washing the boat down, " oh my god ""  How did that fecker get there! dead , but your still thinking ," did he leave eggs..
How did he get there in the first place? Will we have the beggers pop up in the bed clothes next?
Today is Paul Hydes Birthday, Happy birhhday Paul.
Did a lot of Blog time. Its amazing how much time the blog takes and if its not kept up to date, the catch up time gets huge.
Later we went to the Chandelry and bought half the shop to top up the boats saefty equipment.
The Saefty programme for these events have become a complete overkill, We see it all the time at home during CORK WEEK,
Designed by Beauracats for use by sailors..
We grew up  on timber yachts which had no life lines, no, life jackets, no electric pumps to service the ocean as it squirted through the seams
every time we hit a small wave, no lights, no charts, ( Possibly an occasional road map )
HOW DID WE SURVIVE ! we should form a club for real sailors.
Its not that I am against saefty,  Of course I am all in favour of saefty, But it should be based on logic, not based on a percieved danger/thret by
some beaurocratic arsehole sitting behind a desk and wouldent know what a " SAIL" is ?
enough  is enough of all that for today.
Later S.H went off to " Carrefour" to look at microwaves, and as Aileen's mobile is not working properly, communication with the
girls was difficult so, S.H went to the old town for some good old fashioned pork crackling,
Two large "gin & tonics " plus the Pork cost all of 13 €
Returned to "A Lady " and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Thursday 12th.
Nothing much to report, Just another day on board, At lunch time we were informed that the mastervolt could not be repaired and that the new unit would be installed next tuesday by " Potentia"
After lunch we had a visit from the Oyster Boys,  Eddie,George, John, and Will, They were great and more than any thing else, they  instaledl a great sense of confidence in us .
The fact that they pointed out a crack in the mast which needs attention, and lots of other items that need attention, is testemount to their
professional approach to the ship, They were excollent, We had a CORK DRY GIN before they left late in the afternoon.
Later Aileen, Michelle and Stephen went to the oriental rest. for dinner.
Early bunk, exhausted from the shock of the mast problem.
Friday 13th
BOY , IT  Definatly was a bad day, or started off as one anyway. S.H. went for a 6 mile walk at 6am and met Eddie Scugall from Oyster on returning to the boat,  We did a few little things in the cabin before he explained the real significance of the crack in the mast, MAJOR MAJOR, PROBLEM. We were
told ,not to go to sea, even under engine because this is so serious.
We spent the morning talking to " formula Marine " in holland.and organising them to make a splint and come to las Palmas and fit it.
THINGS just seemed to go from bad to worse and by lunch time I thought that the transatlantic was no longer an option and the whole trip would have to be abandoned or seriously posponed.
Anyway , The Oyster Boys kept working on the problem and by evening all matters seemed to be almost resolved.
GOD we felt better and off we went to meet our new " potential crew " for the pacific.
His name is DANIEL HEARSUM,  We met Daniel at the hotel Santa Catalina and he treated Aileen and Stephen to dinner at the Hotel.
Later we joined the party  at the Hotel and observed Michelle dancing the night away with her new German friend " Harold "
We had a late night and first impression of Daniel were good.
Bunk zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz