Sailing around the World ( presently in Recife , Brazil )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 7 Mar 2011 11:23
SUNDAY  6th  MARCH 2011
Another hot day in Recife,
Rally control had a bus organised to take us all to " Olinda" where we could view the Carnival ,
This time there was a " Base " where we could come and go,   The "Base" was a big back yard with drink, food and Loud ,
real loud music,
Things got off to a lively start, and by 11am, most of the sailors ( with their ear plugs ) had a few rounds of dancing under their
The  " First Mate" had decided not to come, she had enough of the crowds from yesterday, so did her own tour of town again
and eventually wound up at the beach for a paddle in the water.
Meanwhile, back at the Carnival, we came and went from our base and viewed the proceedings,
The crowds, the colours, the colourfull costumes, ( including all the fancy tee shirts, masks, hats and feathers we were wearing )
the bands,
Skipper walked to the top of the hill , where he met Ully and Yorg from " Lady Eve V1 "
We just stood there amiring all beautifull young people , including families flowing along the streets,
The costumes were amazing, including a large collection of Priests and Nuns costumes, police costumes, army costumes,
navy costumes, ( every one loves the sailors, and naval cadets, )  Pirates etc.
However, as with all of these events, pick pockets have a ball, and Oisin and Judy from " Brown Eyed Girl " had their camera's
stolen while they were being squeezed in the crowds.
The whole event was just one big drinking party, and there were beer cans all over the streets, not to mention all the other rubbish,
 but then on the other hand there were plenty of fellows with big bags collecting all these cans to make a few shillings,
Skipper, got lost on his way back to the " Base", then got totally lost, and felt very uncomfortable in the middle of all these
heaving crowds, so made his way to the edge of town and got a taxi back to the Marina, as did everyone else , because the coach
that was to collect us , never arrived,  Ohhhh, sure , never a dull moment,
All this ment was skipper left behind in the " Base" his colourfull hat, haversack and umbrellow. filp!
We all returned to the boats during the afternoon and most had a zizzzzzz for a while,
Joe ( Brown Eyed Girl )had us all amazed at his story of their dingy being taken by " Cheshire Cat " last night and they could not
return to their boat for a long time, plus all the ensuing rows with the nude skipper from " Cheshire Cat " in the middle of the night.
Never a dull moment.
Later we went for dinner with  Herman & Sylvia from " Destiny " they may join us for the next leg to Granada, which leaves here next
thursday , 10th March .
We had a good evening.
Thats all for now,
Signed :-  Stephen  Hyde   ( Skipper )