A Lady trip / Canaries photo's

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 22 Oct 2009 20:10
WEDNESDAY 21st October 2009
We got up early, as we couldent sleep, all the bloody rocking and rolling. ohhhhhhhh
enough to make you sea sick.
We weighed anchor and motored into marina Rubicon, checked in, got the wifi working and all
that stuff. ( so now I am using my new toy laptop to do this message, hope it all works out )
We eventually got sorted out and put on berth no. H 11,
This is great. no more rolling for a while,
We got some spares in the Chandelry , in particular a block and tackle, to lift the rib out of
the water and keep as a spare,,,,,,, just in case we have a broken derrick again.

We dined ashore and met by chance Tom and Emer Coghlan . They hail from Clontarf
and came back to the lovely " A Lady " for a few drinks when we were finished the meal.
Tom was in Simon Coveney's Class at school. Its a very small world out there.
We had a reread of Roms last few emails. they are always great for humour
and then the bunk.