Sailing around the World .

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 21 Feb 2011 02:23
SUNDAY  20th   FEBRUARY  2011
07.00hrs, up bright and early for Mass,
Wer took off in a rattle trap bus with our German friends to the basicillca " Bonfem" about 5 km to the west.
We arrived half an hour before Mass and the place was already jammed and by the time Mass started the people
were standing shoulder to shoulder in the Nave, the side aisles, and anywhere there was space.
The singing, this time with guitars, and lots of clapping and hand waving, all very moving. Most of the servers were women
and all very good looking. At the end of mass, a crucifix was marched through the church with most of the congretation
stretching out to touch it as it passed bye. This was followed by a good sprinklig of holy water over everyone.
When the cermony was over, we got the rattle trap bus back again to the marina. for 1â each, it was good value.
Later, Aileen and Skipper took thje Semi Ridgit ( Dinghy )  up the coast to " Yacht Clube Bahia" Aileen had to flash her RCYC
membership card to get us into the place, but once inside it was great.
The club ( more like a private members club ) had a 50m swimming pool plus a kiddies pool, a tennis court, billard room,
a huge function room,lots of restaurants and bars, and we reconed there was between 800 and a 1000 people there at the time.
So many posers, plus families, kids, grannies, grandads, and a great selection of beautifully tanned bicikiny clad young ladies,
and of course a good selection of male hunks for good measure.
we had a pasta meal and then went swimming, Aileen into the pool, while skipper took to the sea, all just magic.
It was great to sit there and relax after our swims, and look out over the pool and across the sea at the 16 hugh ships anchored
in the bay, not to mention all the speed boats, ski boats, traditional rowing boats, and canoes mixing with the fleet
of Optimists out there doing their sunday training.
There is one thing for sure , this place has a lot to offer, Mix all that with blue water, blue skies and lots of sun,
Later, aileen drove skipper back to " A Lady" in the rib, where we did a little Skyping before going to " Voyaguer" for drinks,
this was followed by a few more scoops on " Destiny " to welcome back Wolfgang and Ingrid from germany to their boat.
Whacked , we eventually made it back to "A lady " once more , this time to hit the scratcher.
Thats it for today,
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde  ( Skipper )