A Lady trip, Las Palmas

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 11 Nov 2009 14:55
SUNDAY 8th November 2009
Up early. S.H. went for a long walk while A.H got a taxi to the airport and flew over to Lanzarote to meet her sister Michelle, who was comming to stay with
us for a week on " A Lady"   Great, As sure as cats chase mice, they will vanish to the beach every day and therefore leave S.H . loads of
space to work on the boat.
S.H. spent most of the day getting the Rib out of the water up forward at the bow, this was done with the help of the spinniker pole.
Chrip's ! that was a great days work.
The Girls arrieved back mid afternoon , When Michelle had settled and finished her normal all day "nap" we went to the
nearby Oriental for dinner.
Real early bunk.
MONDAY. 9th November
Up early and after a good walk, organised the technicians to come and assess the clapped out " Master Volt " unit later in the day.
We went through the saefty check list for the trip and found a few items not on board, we made a list of items to be acquired.
Later in the afternoon, the technicians arrived and at the same time ED Scougall and George happened along ,just by chance, Luck was in...
Ed and George represent " Oyster " yachts and they made a great contribution to our situation...
MAYBE the Master Volt unit can be fixed ? the teckies will let us know on wed or thursday
We gave our "Oyster " visitors a good stiff glass of the famous Cork Dry Gin. and really impressed them when we told them that Stephen's
mother designed the bottle and label for the GIN in 1943. Jeases! S.H. felt as proud as Punch,
We had a light meal and watched all the latest photo's on the computer before going to the bunks..
TUESDAY 10th November 2009
Blast , S.H. awake before the bloody birds, so got up at 5.45 am and did some catching up on the computer and reading the ARC details
( about 6 months behind schedule and almost at the dead line) but then the fecker was always slow, even at school, DADDY SAID SO !
Oh well, They nearly always get done in the end,
Later we organised mechanics to service the GENERATOR, ( A Westerbeke )    Ohhhhhh my god, back to the same old cork storey again.
The new generator is missing the side panel off the electrical box on top of the engine, the spare parts supplied dont fit, and again the annode on the water supply is completly gone,, ( and that was supposed to have been serviced in crosshaven 6 months ago )
WANKERS,  what else could you say ! or is this boats, and we are the ???????? for thinking that things should be done properly..... BOLUX to that...
We eventually located spare parts that fitted and the mechanics said they would call on wed morning at 08.00 hrs to complete the job.
The Girls arrived back from the beach about 7pm and we went with Roisin Bourke And her sister from Dublin " Eimer Bourk " to a drinks party
at the marina, Later we went to the Oriental Restaurant again and had a good night.
Later still, when Roisin and Eimer had returned to their holiday hotel by bus ( they said Ronan would not give them enough money to get a taxi )
we --- the three of us went to the nearby Hotel ------- *****  5 STAR,,
Well, we met a couple from Finland , about our own age , She worked for a circus and was quite funny, but eventually got totally pissed and we left
but not before IVORY FINGERS herself, the wonderfull " MICHELLE " took over the piano from the resident fat pianist,  much to the delight
of the onlookers and drink guzzelers, ( including michelle herself , and ably assisted by yours truly,,,, S.H. )
Very Late Night, and S.H has an early call in the morning..   Ohhhhhhhhhh   GREAT