A lady trip

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 30 Jul 2009 09:01
24th july friday
crew:- Stephen and Aileen, Pat and Ann Lyons
08.00 got out on deck to a beautifull morning, had a light breckfeast,
we tidied up the boat and launched the rib into the purple water, the colour was just unreal. not a cloud to be seen in a light S.W. breeze.
we motored the rib as far as the little island called " llheu da vila" close by and then paddled the rib into the creek or what was once a little volcano.
we all went for our first swim of the trip in the sea water, a little later we motored around the island the island in the rib while Pat got the photographic session under way.
12.00 we got back on A lady again and lifted the rib out of the water. after lunch and some sun bathing, Stephen went for another swim off the boat. "just what the doctor
16.00 because of light winds , we motor sailed back to Ponto Delgada, We joined forces with Richard Cudmore, his brother Peter, Dr Tony Casey, and Brian Dowling for a meal, this was great crack and of course we had to retire the pub next door for more drink, more photographs, more jokes, at the end of the night.
Aileen and Stephen went to the bunk approx 00.30 . the others followed later..... zzzzzzzzz
25th july Saturday
crew:- Stephen and Aileen, Pat and Ann
got up reasonably early, had breckfeast, Pat and Ann packed their bags and got a taxi to the airport about 10.45 am to fly home via Birmingham and london.
Stephen and Aileen did some house keeping, and a stroll around the town for a while. At 18.00 we had drinks aboard "penny pincher" belong to Alan and Penny Spriggs,
from the U.K. members of the R.C.C.   Aileen went to mass at 19.00 hrs and then we all had another spiced dinner on board A lady.
not too much drink and an early nicht for a change.    zzzzzzzzzzzz
26th july  Sunday.
crew:- Stephen and Aileen.
06.00 got up and had a light breckfast. made sure the boat was shipshape and set off at 07.00 hrs for "Terceira" an island approx. 90/100 miles to the N.W. of Sao Miguel.  the wind S.W 17 / 20 knots, cloudy and overcast
10.00 the wind changed direction completly, going into the N.E., catching us off gaurd completly.with the headsail aback and the boat going around in circles, the comment was made " what did you do wrong". oh shit ! but it all got sorted and off we went on our merry way again.
the result of such a wind change, was very confused sea's of course, and at one stage the boat must have fallen 10 feet off the top of a wave, and slammed down into
a large trough, grand , except S.H. was sitting on the loo. WOW
The journey was not plesent, and we eventually arrived in " Angra do Heroisma" ( the capitol of  T erceira)   at 19.00 hrs. that was a 12 hour trip. we got ourselves berthed on the marina , Aileen did a great job,tying on fenders and throwing lines ashore..
We had a meal ashore in the local hotel restaurant , it was excellent, and at 23 euros each, represented great value.bunk at 00.30 knackered completly.zzzzzzzzzz
27th julyMonday
crew :- Stephen and Aileen
A lazy morning getting up, Aileen went to 10.30 mass and did the town for the rest of the day, meanwhile Stephen set about a major tidy up of the boat, ie dumping unwanted items and food , stowing away sleeping bags , and other items no longer required as the weather heats up. this took us to 16.00 hrs , had a beer with
Richard and Peter Cudmore, tony casey before a long shower and off up the street to a lovely gourmet restaurant, this was followed by live music in the nearby square and bed by midnight.   zzzzzzzzzzz
28th july Tuesday.
crew :- Stephen and Aileen.
After a light breackfast , Aileen went to mass again while Stephen dismantled the forward wc. a shit job , believe you me. however it was all back together by 13.00hrs
but unfortunatly its not operating properly, will have to do it all again,and worse , we dont reall know what the problem really is.?
14.30hrs  Stephen and Aileen went for a long watk up Monte Brasil, this formed part of the biggest fort ever built by the Spaniards in the world.dates back to around
1592 . the views from the top of the hill were fantastic. as well as the park for kids and family's in generall, it had deer, peacocks, phesent's, pond's and ducks, lots of swings ,etc. also had plenty of B.B.Q. spots and seating,and get this, all the fuel is supplied free by the authorities, and all very neatly kept.
everybody , everywhere, was and are so nice and friendly, with very little money, just like Ireland was 60 years ago.
18.00 hrs the Commadore ( Peter Ronaldson )and his neighbouring yacht "island life" belong to Cormac and Barbara mc Henry had a Bucks Fizz party, this was followed by dinner in the local hotel  called " Beiri Mar" .  up town afterwards for a few brandies and bob's your uncle, bed about 01.30 zzzzzzzzzzz
29th wednesday
crew ;- Stephen and Aileen
up early, not feeling too good after the brandy and off we went on a tour of the island in a mini bus, the bus driver " Hildeberto" was a local, but spent many years living in canada and the usa. the raw lava rocks were facinating, as were the caves, the lunch in a converted mill and all the different swimming area's.developed by the local council's, in among the lava rocks on the sea shore. , again a lot of tought for the locals and tourist's
The bus driver invited us to a bull event that afternoon, but we had to decline , as the final rally of the cruise was being held back at the marina,
The rally started with free drinks, champaigne, for the I.C.C. and R.C.C. participants plus a crowd who had raced over from France,
this was followed by a super meal in the club on the marina for us, excluding the french, lots of music, speeches, drink, and general good fun was had by all.
early bed for a change........zzzzzzzzzzz