" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the World, ( Equador)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 15 Feb 2010 15:32
Sunday 14th February 2010   ( Valantines Day)
07.00hrs  An early start again, and a cloudy day,
08.00hrs On the bus again, adifferent bus today, A 1hour trip to the forest for a 1 1/2 hour hike through the rain forest,
             or rather thats what they said,
10.30 hrs We arrive at our destination, walking boots and all, and set off up through the hills,
 13.30 hrs We arrieve at the waterfall, the apex of the wald. all covered in mud.
               Some poeple ment for a refreshing swim in the pond at the base of the waterfall, and we all took a rest ,
On the way back , The skipper asked one of the Guides to show him some monkies,
After a short trip through beautifull Forest paths, He pointed to a monkey high up in the trees, asleep,
Having admired this lovely furry longtailed monkey for a while, the Guide decided to get him to move by banging on the tree with a big stick,
Sure enough , the little monkey ran higher up the tree, looked down at the two of us below and decided to get his own backs.
Yes , HE  PISSED  DOWN  on top of us, What could we do only laugh, he was too high to throw something at.
Anyway, that was the highlight of the day,
The hike took almost 5 hours, and the track was more like a west cork country laneway, except churned up by horses and cattle
and real liquid muck. Poor " Christos " the Greek doctor ( 72 years old) and living in Germany, nearly had to be resqued,
The journey in the heat was just too much..
18.00hrs We had the lunch we were supposed to have at 14.00hrs, and it was in a lovely old rickitty building by the sea
on our way home.
The traffic jams on the way were nothing like we ever witnessed before, This is a result of a 4 day national Carnaval,
The 2 way highway was more like a 4 lane one way road, everyone ( including our driver ) driving and passing out on any side that pleased them.
 22.00 hrs We eventually arrieved back at base. Exhausted after a very different kind of day,
Jessica joined us on " A  LADY " for a glass of wine as her husband was stuck in traffic and would take at least an hour to collect her.
we watched some of our trip Photo's and got her to sign the Visitors book.
Bunks  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Signed :- Stephen Hyde, Skipper