" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the World and avoiding the recession

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 8 Jun 2010 08:01
MONDAY   7th  June  2010      ( Presently in Vava'u, Tonga )
A nice slow morning,
lot of fish swimming around the boat.
Most if the remaining yachts arrived during the day,  we listened to them all chattering away on channel 77, our working channel.
We spent some time cleaning up the boat, and skipper opened up the main water filter to the refridgeration system and watermaker,
we were particularly worried about the water maker, as it made some afull noise last night before shutting it down.
we discovered gunged up jelly fish in the filters, and this was obviously the cause of the trouble, so we cleaned it all out, and then ran the
generator and water maker and checked they all worked properly,.................and they did..........  what a relief ! phew.
12.00  We, Aileen, stephen, and Margaret went ashore and had lunch in the " Crows Nest ", the owner is Stephen and made " Fats " birthday cake.
the food was excellent and we ordered another chocklate cake, but this time, NO marzipan please, or almond essance, or whatever the * is in there.
Later skipper visited the " Moorings" charter boat office, as we are on one of their moorings.
the 5 nights cost us the equivalent of 30 euros,
We also got a cruising guide to the Islands from them, plus we purchased a chart of the place from them as well.
Later we went for a swim around the boat, oh oh, it was like swimming through a field of nettles,
We kept getting all these little stings on our bodies, even though nothing was visible,   but it was damn uncomfortable
John was still ashore playing with his laptop, Fats was in the middle of his Ziz, so aileen, and Margaret decided  they could do with a rest too,
so they vanished into their scratchers.
Skipper did some emails and the blog, but could not send or recieve anything through the mailasail system,  It seems that mailasail was on the blink,
other boats were having simular problems, and typical, the operaters of mailasail only work 9 to 5 mondays to fridays.
19.00hrs.. We all went ashore to a big party being thrown by the " World ARC " in  MANGO's  riverside restaurant,
well, it was a great event, great food, great company, a great show by the locals afterwards, followed by lots of dancing.
We had a late night, and after too much wine,,   slurp,    hic,  hic,,  ohhhhhhh
we made our way back to the boat.
Cant remember if we had a night cap or not, but we did find our way to the scratchers,
                                    ZZZZZZZ zzzzzzzz ZZZZZZZ   zzzzzzzz    ( ladies, prrr,  prrrrrr, prrrrrr, zzzz  prrrr  )
Thats it.
Signed :-     Stephen Hyde,    ( Skipper )