New Port

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 14 Sep 2011 12:29
TUESDAY 13th September 2011
Last Friday, the 9th we got the outboard motor on the dingy serviced and returned midday, Skipper took the dingy fro a test run out
the harbour and the engine stopped, Skipper had to be resqued by the Harbor Master, ohhhhh, boats
Later, we took a trip to the very pretty " Oak Bluff's " and had dinner in The Yacht club on our return,  There we met Elaine Waintraub,
Who is from Crossmolina,  Co, Mayo and is a history teacher in Martha,s Vinyard,
Saturday , We got the dingy's engine serviced again and this time it all seemed good, so we departed Edgartown at 11.30
and sailed in beautifull conditions the 50 miles to New Port,
There we had the loan of a mooring and later ,entertained Thom and Linda Delaney on board " A Lady" for dinner, as usual with
the Delaney's , we had a great evening.
Sunday, We had a loan of the Delaney Jeep, so off to Mass at 11.00hrs which was followed with lunch and a viewing of the
Ireland v America match in " The Fastnet" Irish Pub,   Ireland won and skipper returned to collect the Jeep which was now solidly
locked into the Church car park and cost $40 to have it released ... enough to make a sheppard kick his dog.
We moved " A Lady " onto Siren's mooring and retired for the night.
Monday12th  , We met Clayton Love, Daddy, &  Son Clayton , Sally & Alvyn and all went out to Watch Anthony O Leary do the
practice race for the the Invitational Cup. The weather Gods looked favourably on us and we had a good day, Later
Skipper paid a visit to " Oyster" in N.P. while Aileen did a walk about town, 
We were invited to dinner in Myles and Lisa Bidwell's house at 19.00hrs and had a great night, we met Myles & Lisa on the NYYC cruise
in Maine last month,
Tuesday 13th ,The two Clayton's and Skipper went out on " A Lady" and watched the first 3 races of the compitition, a mixed bag for
the RCYC, a poor result in the first race with no discards will make a recovery difficult. They finished 5th in the second race
and 3rd in the third race, At the end of the day, Canada were leading the pack.
Thats a very brief discription of the last few days,
Signed  :-   Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )