" A LADY TRIP" Sailing around the World and avoiding the recession, ( presently in the Galapagos Islands )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 4 Mar 2010 14:42
WEDNESDAY 3rd March 2010
Crew :- Stephen Hyde, ( skipper)  Aileen Hyde, Donal(Fats) Mc Clement, Kevin Dwyer.
07.00hrs  A very good bright morning, but still bumpy in this harbour,
Any one not used to boats could get sea sick just at anchor here.
A light breckfast for the skipper before getting into the blog and other emails, the rest of the crew will not surface for another hour or so,
lazy sods,
08.00hrs  Along came the diesel suppliers and tried to remove the two full containers on our transome,
Not even a word, little feckers, however they were spotted by the skipper and after some choice words , they vanished.
09.oohrs, Skipper and Fats cleaned up the boat, called the Garbage boat and got rid of the rubbish on board for $1. ( good value)
09.00hrs Sandro from the yacht " Lady Lisa" came over and we syphoned the fuel from the two drums on our transome
into four of his 22L containers, This all happened because Fats ordered too much diesel and when our tank was full, there were still
two drums of diesel left over, so we had to get rid of them somehow, as they were now paid for by the big man.
11.00hrs The skipper rang home ( Ireland) checking progress with the 2 new grandchildren, all well there . T .G.
12.00hrs Kevin went ashore, Fats was already ashore, so the skipper set about cleaning and polishing the cockpit.
This was followed by coffee, then changed the Fuel Filters to the engine and generator and tested both to make sure
everything was working as it should.  great , one more thing out of the way,
In the afternoon, the skipper got busy again , this time tracking the radio / V.H.F wiring, still not happy that these are working properly.
Joined by Fats , ( inbetween his naps) we discovered that the " experts " checked the wrong ariel cables for signal,
so this will all have to be tested again, Amazing how these so called " experts " ( more like Gobshites) are the same the world over.
later , the skipper cleaned out the fridge, this is a boring task, but has to be done at least once a week,
meanwhile Kevin is welded to his laptop as usual and Aileen had the washing machine running flat out washing clothes, while doing
some baking at the same time.
17.30hrs We went ashore to the rock cafe for the happy hour, and believe it or not, it pissed rain again.
We have seen an afull amount of rain since we arrieved in the pacific, 
20.00hrs Fats , Stephen, and the three lads from " Eowyn"  ( Graham, Mike and John . British. ) went up town for some dinner,
simple , economical, and very tasty. The food varied from mixed grills to pasta's and mixed rice dishes.
23.00hrs We arrieved back to the boat and all hit the scratchers straight away, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Signed  :-   Stephen Hyde,  ( skipper )