A LADY TRIP Sailing around the World ( presently at sea )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 16 Mar 2010 15:00
Distance to the Marquessas....................1495 N Miles
Our position:-  07 : 11' S      113 :56' W
There was plenty of wind all night,There were no passing ships or other traffic,
It was a Starry night with some light clouds,  Warm and no Moon.
06,00hrs  We adjusted the clocks to  -8hrs   GMT ( now called UTC)
The skipper went for his normal walk around the deck,
Well , would you believe, There were 55 flying fish on the deck, ( We tought 27 was a record a few days ago, )
The place was like a friggin fish factory that got hit by the recession ,
They were heaped up all over the place, and the fish scales , yeach !  much more scales on these fellows in compassison th their atlantic cousins.
10.00hrs  Aileen and Fats were busy reading so the boss decided to shave before he would have to put plats in his beard,
Skip opened a new electronic Gillette shaving blade ( Gift from Leah and Johnny)
Beautifull, but it took a half hour to cut up the box it came in, as said previously, storing garbage on the boat when at sea for 2 or 3 weeks
becomes a project all of its own, so we have to cut everything up into small bits, and food waste gets fed to the fish.
12.00hrs  Radio Time , This time we could hear everyone , but no one could hear us,
so we emailed " Eowyn" and informed them that from here on, we would email them every day at 10 mins to 12.00hrs wqith our position,
our wind speed and direction,
We still have this adverse 1knot current, most unusual for hte area we are in at present,
Lovely sailing, Blue skies and all that, but bumpy none the less, Fairly big seas running now all the time as the wind has increased.
18.00hrs Aileen decided to cook a " Meat ball " dish from a cookery book that " Sarah" gave to A LADY before the voyage.
Yum yum, It turned out very tasty, No drink for the boys, Sick of the bloody stuff  and worse the nagging.
Night Watches :-          Fats..........................21.00hrs /  01.00hrs
                                   Aileen.......................01.00hrs  / 05.00hrs
                                   Skipper.....................05.00hrs  /  09.00hrs
Thats it for today,
Signed ......  Stephen  Hyde  ( Skipper)