" A LADY " TRIP AROUND THE WORLD ( presently in the Grenadines, Carribbean )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 31 Dec 2009 13:06
WEDNESDAY 30th December 2009
08.00 Up again to another beautifull day in our current paradise. The Skipper caught up with some emails and calls to Ireland,
10.30 following a light breckfast, we all went ashore to Union Island and landed at the Local yacht Club, where we paid the equivalent of 1.5 euro's
to moor on their marina, well worth it for the security, as robbing rib's and dingy's around these islands is big buisness,
So, not even Paradise is perfect....... ( to be sure and secure, we lock the rib to the yacht at night, even if it is up on the derrick. )
The Yacht Club has this large salt water fish pond  with even larger fish in it . they look like big dog fish, approx 10 / 12 feet in length,
plus lots of other smaller things
We did a scout around the island and met up at the yacht club again at 1pm.. We then went to , what could be only described as a hole in the water
surrounded by a low wall and thatched roof hut for lunch,, ( this place can only be reached by rib or dingy and sits in the middle of a coral reef )
However we failed to actually get any service as there were too many people and not enough staff, so we left after 45mins.
and returned to " A LADY",,   hauled up the anchor and set sail south towards " Petit St Vincint"
On route , we dropped anchor at a tiny ,tiny, heap of sand , about 1 mile north of P.S.V.  This little place called " Morpian" is famous for its
thached coned shaped roof on top of a timber pole sticking up out of the sand, and nothing else, (except tiny little white crabs )
Nerves of steel were required driving the rib through the reef's and coral as the conditions were extremly choppy.
( remember the wind around here never goes below 20 knots)
"Morpian" is famous as it appears on post cards, advertising brochures, hotel magazines, etc etc and dispached all over the world...
After swimming, and relaxing for a while, we sailed the short distance to " Petit St Vincint " ( P.S.V. ) and dropped the hook once more...
P.S.V. is a private island with an exclusive resort ,set up and still operated by an american called " HAZE RICHARDSON "
Of course we all went ashore for a gwalk at the place and have a " Pina Colada " or two, before returning to the lovely " A  LADY "
The large ketch called " Freedom " anchored beside us, making us feel small..   the beggers, why dident they go and anchor somewhere else,
( or lets think positive here,,  perhaps they wanted to be seen mixing with us,,,   ha ha )
Dinner was just Fillet Steaks, creamed spuds, fried onions and red beans,,  yum, yum,
We were all whacked and in the bunks by 10pm