sailing around the World for a bit of something to do !

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 24 Apr 2011 22:13
SUNDAY  24Th APRIL  2011   ( Easter Sunday )
07.00hrs  A very wet morning indeed, and the first mate " Aileen " has kicked skipper out of the scratcher early to make sure we both
got ashore early enough to get 08.00hrs Mass in St.Micheal of the " Arch Angel"  church,
Fully decked out in our wet gear, we motored over to the north side of the bay and climbed up the steep hill to the
church, We were here before and skipper remembers only too well that this climb is enough to kill a shepards dog.
Hot and sticky with the clammy weather, we sat down in the church and enjoyed the whole cermony , especially all the singing,
80% of the congretation were Black , and of course they have great voices,
Mass took 1.5 hrs, and when it was all over, we rolled down the hill to the rib and returned to the boat, by now, the weather had
cleared up and the prospects looked much better,
30 minutes later, we ribbed it over to the " Ginger Bread" restaurant and met Graham & Chrissie for coffee and stickey cakes,
yum, yum,
Later, skipper and Aileen went for a walk up the hill for some exercise, and had to do a good deed for the day by helping an elderly
man and wife change their puncture, what a job ! The flippen car was from the first world war so you can imagine the jack and
the tools,
Later, we cleared ourselves out at the immigration and customs for an early departure tomorrow before Aileen had a swim and we returned
to the boat again,  Aileen decided to make some bread while skipper did the blog,
Going back over the last few days to last friday, 
FRIDAY  :-  we cleaned up the fwd cabin, Cleaned up the Lazerette, There is a lot of rust in there on all the SS fittings,
skipper thinks that the batteries fitted in Mauritius have leaked in caused all this rust like scum on the stainless steel. God , do the problems
with boats ever end,
There were more than 50 boats in the lagoon , sort of crowded, but it is a fantastic place, we even saw an Iguana, not to mention
all the birds and turtles, squid and millions of other fish of one kind or another. a natures paradise.
SATURDAY  :-  The batteries for the Davitts are almost dead, or at least one of them, the davitts are struggling to lift the rib,
hence why skipper thinks one is leaking into the lazarette,  so we decided to tow the rib behind on our way to Bequia,
The weather was beautifull and we had a great close hauled sail for the 26 miles to Port Elizabeth,
If Heaven is like this, we will go anytime,
14.30hrs we arrived in Admiralty Bay, went ashore to clear ourselves into Bequia, but left the saloon windows open , and what does
" Murphys Law " do, yeah it pissed rain while we were ashore and saturated the saloon, not to mention all our cruising guides
and charts on the saloon table, ohhhhhh bloody hell, what next, what a mess,
later we met Graham & Chrissie from " Eowyn" and had a meal in the " Devils Haven" restaurant, we all had steaks and
they were fantastic, really very tender, the best we have had for a while, ( Aberdeen Angus beef) what would you expect from Scotland, !
We had an early night, and a great sleep.
Thats all for now,
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde  ( skipper )