" A LADY " TRIP AROUND THE WORLD< presently in the Grenadines, Carribbean

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 29 Dec 2009 22:25
MONDAY 28th December 2009    TABAGO CAY's
Firstly, many thanks to those who sent the skipper birthday wishes and presents yesterday, they were greatly appriciated..
We had an early breckfast and then sent Stefan up the Mast to replace the "Tricolour " bulb, but alas , the boat was rolling a bit too much
and could not get the job done, so thats for another day, most likely back at the marina in Rodney bay.
Lunch consisted of lobster from last night, plus prawns, avacado, tomatoes, celery, and some rabbit food, . it all tasted great.
Ohhhhhh , all this lovely heat, so off we all went to the adjoining little island, I mean tiny sandy little island, where we went snortling
and litterly played with the TURTLES, sometimes we were able to hang on to them and hitch a ride, (stuff you would see in film's ).
We spent many hours swimming around the corals and admiring all the lovely different types of tropical fish, including Barracuda's
There were many PELICAN'S and other types of exotic sea birds, we all revelled in the pale blue waters of " Horse Shoe " reef.
,just only a few feet in depth. and easy to survey and enjoy........
However the locals are , by nature , fairley lazy and certainly not into keeping their wonderfull asset clean. and according to the
locals themselves, about 75% of them smoke HASH / GRASS.  It can be smelt where ever you go ...... But they survive, and then die young..
Such a pity, when they have so much going for them......
Dinner was a mixture of turkey and other bits, plus rice, Hey Boss ! it was fairly bland and if the crew were not starving, the boss might well
have had it for Breackfast the next day, all on his own..
This was followed by watching 2 D.V.D's  ,  1st  " THE  PIRATES  OF  PENZANCE  "  a Gilbert & Sullivan play which the Skipper
was part of the cast when he was at Christian's in cork as a young fellow.
2nd  was " VALKYRIE "   a film about one of the 15 attempts made on HITLERS life, ( amazing that none succeeded )( did he have a GOD of his own ! )
Early bunk zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz