Sailing around the world

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sat 5 Mar 2011 10:58
FRIDAY   4th  MARCH  2011
A slow start today, We met Eldon ( a local who can speak english or american )  early , we all piled into a taxi and headed off
to collect 2 new batteries for starting the engine, we dropped Aileen off at " Carriafour" supermarket on the way.
The battery shop had a great selection of 12v batteries, so skipper selected 2 which were 75ah each,  we returned to the boat
and installed the batteries and they worked , great, except the alternator light is on when the engine is running,
another problem to be sorted out somewhere,
Later, Aileen made her way back to the boat and we spent most of the afternoon
sitting beside and in the swimming pool , chatting to the other sailors, and generally having a relaxed time,
All sorts of arrangments were being made for going down town to view the Carnival, which kicks off this evening
and the main event starts early tomorrow morning.  We have all sorts of coloured tee shirts, hats, umbrellows and masks for the
parading around the streets.It should be good fun, not withstanding the lack of a balcony for viewing.
We decided to go across the bridge to a fish restaurant tonight for dinner on our own,
It was a good choice, we had a shrimp dish for two ( Thermador style ) and it was excellent, keeping our selections of good food
intact.The place was very busy and we met all the gang from " Destiny" there,  They had only arrived from Salvador today,
The whole place is buzzing with excitment over the Carnival, and we are looking forward to some fun.
Thats all for today.
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )