Sailing around the World......and avoiding the hair shirt budgets.

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 23 Jun 2010 06:31
TUESDAY  22nd  June   2010
07.00hrs   up early again,  did some early morning cleaning and tidying, as we leave this morning for " Namena"
Namena is a privatly owned Island,  the manager of the resort there is a cousin of our neighbour upriver in the fishing launch.( Abbie )
and suggested we pay a visit to the Island.
Donal went ashore early for breakfast, followed later by Skipper, Aileen, Margaret & John.  We had the full works,
baked beans and all.   yummy,
10.00hrs,  Donal offered to do the clearances, while skipper got the ship ready to roll.  first start the engine and let it heat up.
11.00hrs   We untied from the dock and slipped out into the estuary, where we took in all the fenders, put away all the lines,
and hauled the rib up onto the Derricks
11.30  hrs  We left the creek and set sail south west and out of the Savausavau Bay.  altered course slightly and headed for " Namena "
the distance , just about 25 miles,
Wind 25 / 30 knots on a close fetch, so we took in two reefs in the main and headsail. and were still sailing along at 9 knots,
Great sailing.......   as the OLD  MAN  used to say,,,,,   " A spanking sail "
14,00hrs   We sailed briskly through the pass into the lagoon where the small Island was located,
We got on the radio to Abbie's cousin, called Justin..  He very definatly was not going to invite us on the Island,
but did offer us his mooring for the night..................... thanks a lot !
Abbie, if we had you now, we would string uoy up by the ba****ls  you sold us a pup...... ahhhhh well we cant expect to win them all.
To make up,  Skipper did a lovely Belly pork, with lots of crispy crackling, roast spuds, carrots, peas and creamed potatoes,
some wine mixed in , and " the cats me Aunt ""  an old _expression_ of satifaction.
We ate dinner in the " starlight Restaurant " , told jokes and finally got into some real destuction and demolition of
some of the mutual boring aquaintentences we have. ( Usually people who think their piss is " Port Wine ").
Very much later we hit the scratchers, all feeling we had an interesting day,
thats it for now,
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde ,     (   Skipper )