" A LADY TRIP " Sialaing around the World, ( presently in the Galapagos Islands)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 2 Mar 2010 18:09
Sunday 28th February 2010
06.00 hrs A Beautifull clear day here on the ship,
WE are now moored off Bartolome Island and looking at " Pinnacle Rock"
The view is spectacular, even from our 8 x 8 tiny little room, The trip so far has been well worth the trouble, but very expensive.
08.00hrs  We walk to the top of " Bartolome Island " a volcanic little Island, on the way up ( a tough climb ) we observed a lava Lizzard
devouring a grasshopper , which was bigger than himself,  the views were incredable from the top.
10.00hrs We went snortling under the pinnacle Rock, again amazing,
Here we saw Penguins, Turtles, all sorts of fish and sealions, but the boss definatly got a fright when
a Shark swam by him only 10' away, In the confusion, he tried to take a picture , but the camera was on zoom , so the picture was just
the grey side of the fish. blast, Missed oppertunity.
We saw two turtles mating in the sea just under the rock, That was amusing,
11.30hrs, WE had lunch on board the ship before seting off again to nearby " Black Turtle Bay " perhaps about 6 miles away.
We were taken into the bay on the ships dingys, Two in all carrying the 16 of us plus the driver and guide.
We saw plenty of turtles, but all too far away for any good shots.
Mind you, as the bay was surrounded by Mango trees,the was no shortage of Mossies ,
They were like World War 2 dive Bombers, swarming down on top of us poor defencless tourists.
16.00hrs  Back to the Ship and off we went again to our next stop. about 20miles away, called South Plazas Island.
The weather is just lovely and we are lapping the whole thing up.
However the Skipper has a pain in his right shoulder, ( like if it was strained) plus blisters all over his poor lips. afull , afull,
18.30  Briefing on board.
19.00  Dinner followed by an early bed, We really have very early starts every day.
Signed :- Skipper  Stephen Hyde,