LOG DAY 4 : Mixed Bag

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 10 May 2012 19:28
WEDNESDAY  9th  MAY  2012
00.00hrs  Wind ESE  22 knots, so a close beat with a full genny and 3 reefs in the Mainsail and we
were flaking along at 7 .5 knots,
Trip so far,................................ 619 miles,
Dist, to Destination................... 260 miles,
The seas were lumpy,  the sky overcast and it was blooming cool.
03.00hrs the wind just died , so we motored again untill 06.00hrs and off again with the sailing,
By morning, we were all wrecked from a bumpy night and stop, start stop, start , with the engine and sails.
09.00hrs  The roll call, weather forecast, etc,
The ARC weather guys are never accurate, but today they have it right, ( hindsight being an exact science )
they gave us what we were already in ,
The fishing was better today, we caught a HUGE fish yet again, but vanished after 15 minutes,
We had a pizza for lunch and shortly afterwards we set up a goose wing arrangement, the wind was building all day
and we were bombing along, at 9 knots, this was all in line with our 2 day old Mailasail Grib File on the weather,
Dinner consisted of roast Chicken with sweet chilli jam, risotto rice and water, a tricky meal to make but interesting,
hot and sticky and yum, yum, yum,
The wind went further SSE and kept building to such an extent that we had to reef everything down , still Tom & Linda
recorded speeds of 12.5 knots on their watch, exciting sailing, but, very bumpy,  
we expect to reach Bermuda around midday tomorrow,
Skipper recalled the time Ronan Burke fell off his bunk in the Port Cabin and all the bags fell from the top bunk down
on top of him, Gawd, we thought it was so funny at the time,
Picture this, being hit by a big wave , Linda falling out of the bottom bunk followed by Tom out of the top bunk
down onto Linda below on the floor, and you know Linda can be sharp at times, sooooo, poor Tom, had a soft landing
 except for the hidden sharp edges , ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh, ohhh shit,
Thats all for today,
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )