A Lady trip

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 25 Sep 2009 10:02
Wed.3rd September 2009
07.00 had a light breckfeast at the Alveston Manor hotel and set off in Aileens car< which she loves to bits, but I think its like 2 deck chairs on
a set of wheels.
Traffic was heavy enough, but in any event, we made good time back to Hollyhead. the weather was miserable and the crossing  was rough.
We met Leah,Johnny , Sarah and Stefan on wed night and had an Indian meal in ballsbridge.
had an earley night in the Westbury Hotel, nearly all those we new there are now retired. How things move on..and whats more frightning is,
this includes our age bracket. feck, just sail on and forget about the whole thing.
Thursday 4th Sept. 2009
An early start, Stephen met Peter Redden and Bill Rickard for an 08.oo breckfeast. we departed Dublin at 09.30 and had a fast drive home.
The new motorways are just great. we were back to Cork in just 2.1/2 hours, More meetings at lunch time , a little gardening late in the afternoon,
and we went to Douglas for something to eat.
earley bed. zzzzzzz
Friday  5th Sept 2009
An early start. and off to Baltimore to Pauls House for the weekend. Sarah and hubby Paul were also staying. The first thing on the agenda was
THE WEDDING. 2 pm in Glandore, Eric How and Ms Maloney were married. a nice simple weddind with the reception in the rectory later.
The weather was brilliant and it was facinating as I was not drinking. To listen to all the crap being spouted out. the kind of thing drunks do.
We drove back to Baltimore at 2 am , having had a very good day.
Saturday 6th Sept 2009
A slow start and long breckfast, followed by a walk up to the beacon, we met Neill Hegarty and his new girlfriend on the way, plus some of the
Murphy O' Connors, all very pleasent and civilised. Roddy Maloney had a party at 2.00 pm which went on all day. S.H. went out to " Cruachan "
and tidied up the boat , plus strap up the sails and  fix the mooring lines.