" A Lady Trip " Sailing around the World.

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 22 Apr 2010 05:13
TUESDAY 20th   APRIL  2010          Rangiroa,   The Tuamotu Islands, South Pacific.
06.00hrs   We all got up early again, another beautifull day.
07.00hrs Aileen and Stephen went to the Diving Center, Stephen for his diving classes and Aileen went on to do a visit to a pearl farm.
Donal stayed on board for the morning, reading
Skipper did 2 dives in the morning , plus did the written exhams and passed with flying colours.
A & S wentfor lunch in the " Raora Lagoon " Pension restaurant, and it was so good, that they book dinner for the 3 of us this evening at 19.00hrs.
Donal had lunch with some of the other crews in the cafe at the pier,
14.30hrs  The skipper went off again for more diving, this was to be the last of 8 dives in 3 days, and he was feeling fairley fecked.
16,30    Skipper finished,with blood coming down the nose and the ears totally blocked. thinking that diving was for others and not for him.
            however he has a " PADI " cert , and thats that, 
We went back to the boat, cleaned up and went ashore again to the "  Raora Lagoon Restaurant "  for dinner,
we had prawn starters with all the trimmings, followed by a set maincourse of grilled sword fish, and it was delicious,
dessert was chocolate and ice cream........yum yum    Death by chocolate.
we met all the diving crew at the restaurant and had a great evening all round .
taxi back to the pier and out to " A LADY" by rib,  a night cap and into the scratcher for a well earned sleep.
Thats it for today.
signed :-   Stephen Hyde,     ( Skipper )