" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the world and avoiding the trouble at home and europe, ( Presently in Equador )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 18 Feb 2010 20:32
MONDAY  15th February 2010
08.00hrs, We had a lazy morning, nothing too stressfull, and anyway it was cloudy and overcast,
              As we know from experience, this is the worst kind of weather for burning, so cover up and plenty of sun cream,
10.00hrs The Skipper and Kevin hoisted the rib out of the " bleedin oily" water on the spinniker pole.
              Kevin , with a little help from Skip. cleaned and polished the rib, as it was now at eye level
              and easy to get at. You know yourself, there is always something to be done on a boat and this
              was it for today................
Then there were other bits also, like the blog, responding to emails and then Aileen organised a trip to " Quito"  ( Capitol of Equador )
just for herself and Stephen, Get away from the boat for 2 nights and a full day,
13.00hrs Donal appeared, We did not expect him untill tomorrow, with his " Hi all, I came home early, and never got to Peru, too bloody expensive,
so, I hired a car and roamed around for a couple of days"  well, well what do you know,  he arrieved just as S & A were abuot to
leave in a taxi to " Guayaquil" city to catch a flight at 18.00hrs to " Quito"
The taxi journey of 2 hours cost $60 in total, a distance of 120 miles, mind you , the cab was fairly basic, but it had a/c
The plane journey took just 40 mins, and the landing was cool as the airport is right in the middle of the city and for a minute
I thought we would land in someone's back yard.
The hotel, called " Cafe Cultera " had us collected at the airport and delivered to the Hotel. The Hotel was booked by our tour guide "Jessica"
and was fairly basic, Now all the walls were painted, mostly with scantilly clad women, and some were pussy all, hmmmmm, bleedin interesting.
The food was basic too, but we were happy to eat it as we were starving and it was now 21.00hrs ( 9 pm )
" Quito" is 9000 feet above sea level so it was cold when we arrieved, and they even had a fire lighting  in the lobby,
we havent seen a fire since April 2009 and it was a welcome sight now,
23.00hrs , we went to bed, The first land based bed for the skipper in 6 months, God its hard to believe that time is passing by so fast.
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde, Skipper