"A LADY TRIP " Sailing aroubd the World ( presently in the Panama Canal)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 29 Jan 2010 14:23
05.30 We all got up as we were expecting Ricardo between 6  and 7
         He actually arrieved at 05.45hrs
We started the engine and let things warm up,
We took our time, and eventually set off down the Lake towards the Pacific.
The scenery was just brilliant, and so different with all the ships passing us all the time.
11.00 We arrived at the first " down lock" to the Pacific,
1/2 an hour later we werecrossing another small lake to the 2nd lock
the weather was v.hot and everyone was well covered to avoid sun burn.
12.30 We were out of the locks and in the PACIFIC, ohh fantastic  and a first for everyone on board.
we just had such a wonderfull passage across the canal.
15.00We entered " Flemingo" Marina, It was very breezy at the time and lots of chaos all around,
Eventually we got settled and had a German Yacht called "Thetis "tie up alongside us.
This is a small marina, and most boats here are big posh fishing launches.
Aileen and Donal went for a nap, while the rest of us went ashore , exploring the place,  Looks good.
19.30We all headed off to the "Alberto's " restaurant to a World A.R.C. dinner. It was excellent
and at $20 a head, great value.
Later , we stopped at an Irish Pub called " Bennigan's" at the Marina and had a night cap.
The bunk was a welcome sight after a long day.