" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the World.

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 22 Apr 2010 04:43
MONDAY 19th  April  2010        Rangiroa,  The Tuamotu Islands,  French Polynesia, South Pacific.
We had lots of rain during the night, this is often a problem , particularly when we leave the windows and hatches open for ventillation
Keeping cool at night is very important,
06.00hrs,  Fats and Jan ( Ronja ) went off in our rib trying to locate Ronja's rib, but again failed and also they had to return to " A Lady"
as the Skipper had a diving lesson at 08.00hrs
08.30hrs  We got a message from " Lady Lisa" to say they saw a rib simular to Ronja's tied to a boat in the northern Pass , by the Church.
So Fats and Jan took off again , this time in our rented car, and sure enough , they found the rib where " Lady Lisa" said it was,
It had been rescued last night by a local who refused to take anything for his efforts..
The Skipper did a total of 3 dives as part of his course, One dive was outside the Pass at the edge of a big coral reef ,
4 years ago, the famous " Gypsy Moth V" sank here on this reef while sailing out throught the pass and took a short cut,
We dived to a depth of 20m and saw lots of sharks, rays, dolphins, and anything else that could swim, It was like swimming in an Aquarium .
Donal did the dinner much later and it consisted of chicken drumsticks, and all the trimmings, especially the gravy, ( claims to be the best in the world at gravy ) 
And , and  they would give no drink to the skipper, because they said that it doesent mix well with diving..... the feckers..
An early night,
Signed  :-  Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )