" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the World ( presently in the Galapagos Islands)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 2 Mar 2010 17:06
Saturday 27th February 2010
06.00hrs We arrieved at the Island of  " Genovesa " about a 100miles N.E  of porto Ayora,
Our little ship has a top speed of about 8 knots and a list to stb of about 10degrees.  " A  LADY " would sail faster than this little ship.
NEWS :-  Our son Paul and his wife Christine have a new baby girl, " Annabel" congratulations.
               Chile has an earthquake, 8.9 on the richter scale and they are predicting a Tsunamie in the Galapagos,
               Chripes, Well at least the boat is in experienced hands with " Fats"
06.30hrs,We recieved a message from Ralley Control to say all boats had to put to sea on the instructions of the harbour master
              and go south to the 100m dept, about 4 miles off. and now all boats had returned safe and sound,
             It seems that " Fats"was as cool as a cucumber, ( what else would you expect, In fact if the truth be known I would think that he was wishing for somethink like this to happen for a bit of DRAMA, a bit of excitment , you know what I mean) Get on the front of the newspapers again, after all its been a while since he was in the news...............
On the other hand " Kevin " was weak at de knees with worry, Going to "  Davy Jones " without a goodbye to his darling " Fie"
Can you imagine the surprise Kevin got when they survived .....
When they arrieved back to port, they found that the fender they had tied to the second anchor had been stolen and a small float was left in its place.
What feckers would do that, and not just ours, they robbed other fenders also and anchors too.
Two of the world ARC yachts were badly damaged as their owners were missing on tours so the boats were left in the harbour
which nearly drained of water first and then a big surge filled the harbour again causing havock, this all happened within a few minutes
around 04.00hrs in complete darkness.
And we noticed nothing where we were, but then we were at sea also, so we were safe in any case.....
08.00hrs We went ashore ( dry landing) and up the " Prince Philips" steps
There were millions of birds, Red footed "Boobies", Frigate birds, other Boobies, Swallow tailed Gulls, ( nocturnal feeders) we often have these gulls for company at night , when sailing along in the moonlight.
there were land Doves, Mocking birds,Darwin finches, and of course army's of little Iguana's
The landscape here was almost lunar , something like Lanzarotty in the " Canaries"
There were thousands of Storm Petrals, It was one of these that landed on out chart table on route from Las Perlas Islands to Equador.
10.30 Back to the boat for coffee, and then 30mins later we were off again snortling along the edge of the cliff's
The clarity of the water was excellent and the whole thing was almost surreal.
12.00hrs  We had dinner on board, and this was followed by a nap.
14.00hrs Off again , this time we went to the other side of the harbour, and again say lots of birds and wild life,
Our guide was excellent and kept everyones attention with detailed histories of the birds and animals, as well as the pirates of long ago.
After more snortling, we returned to the ship" YATE  FRAGATA "
18.30hrs  Briefing, god this guide talks so much, he must have eaten half the BLARNEY STONE.........
19.00hrs  dinner  A kind of shrimp dish with rice, The restaurant on  " A  LADY " is much better than this, 
But the whole experience is worth it all..
21.30hrs  Cabins and the Bunks zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
An interesting day, Full of Drama.......................
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde,  ( skipper)