avoiding the recession and rain in style

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 22 Nov 2009 18:32
TUESDAY 17th November
A shit day. Lots of rain  and lots of problems , but we kept working on them and we were making progress,,
* George got the T.V. working properly and the Mastervolt unit was installed and working by 6pm yepeeee'
* Dermot O'Meara arrieved with Jeanne in his rent a car and we all went to Carrefour and purchased a microwave
and had a meal in the Oriental later,
*We had aG& T in the pissing rain and got thouraly drenched
Bunks and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
We had a very slow start and basically shopped for Provisions all day . ( meat and dry goods)
We had a lovely mealin the old town , having watchid Ireland loose to France in a penelty shoot out
Early bed , all whacked.
Thursday 19th Nov.
up at 07.00 hrs and met the guy's from " Formula " who arrieved to fix de Mast. and also replace the damaged D.3 ( part of the rigging )
We completed more shopping and ordered the fruit for delivery on friday
Dermot brought Aileen to the airport for her trip home and collected the rest of the crew.
We all went to the OYSTER party later where we had a long chat with David Tydeman, ( C.E.O. of Oyster Yachts)
Late night again.
Friday 20th
Got up early nursing a self inflicted grinding headach
We took " A Lady" to the fuel dock and filled her up with Diesel, 319 euro's for 575 litres
 Back at the marina the Oyster Boys installed a voltage dropper for the iridium phone. and the formula guy's worked all day and
completed the repairs on the mast.
Now we seem almost ready for the trip accross the ATLANTIC, except S.H. broke a toe early in the day, Just to add to everything else.
However the excitement was building and could be felt everywhere.
S. H took the OYSTER BOYS for dinner at 8pm
great night, but all whacked so bed at midnight.
SATURDAY 21st November
Up early, washed down the boat and packed away all the fruit and veg  which arrived early.
Thomas arrived from " Parasail " with our new Kite and set up the sheets and guy's and sail while Dermot ans S .H . went to the skippers briefing.
Later we went out for a sail to be shown how to use it, EXCITING  stuff,
Cleaned up the boat , Had a meal and went to bed , all excited about tomorrow.