Sailing around the World, ( presently in Reunion Island )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 28 Oct 2010 05:20
Wednesday  27th OCTOBER   2010
Up early,  and no blog typing today, we are going off early, well early is around 09.00hrs,
even though we ( Skipper and Aileen ) are up since 06.00hrs, to do the blog and emails , plus having breakfast, shower, and doll ourselves up would
normally take us to 10.30 hrs,  but today we are off early.
We squeezed ourselves into the sardine tin and reved up and took off down the motorway heading south this time towards "St-Gills-les-bains"
There we found a beautifull beach and immidiatly went for a swim, We spent some time wandering around the beach afterwards and the nearby marina and harbour, there was also a pond where you could rent a small electric boat and scoot around the place in it,   It reminded us of the " Bumpers "
at the merries long ago. It was full of Mothers and children with the odd granny and grandad,   ( Just like us )
11.30  We wandered up the beautifull village and had a cup of coffee, plus the usual cakes, sausage rolls, and lots of other goodies, you know
the slimmers diet stuff...... designed to put on millions of calories in one easy dose.
12.30hrs We took off again , still going south, this time towards "St Pierre" and from there we were going to head up the mountains again
towards " Cilaos "   this place must be about 2,500m above sea level.
We stopped many times on the way to admire the scene, the Sheer scale of the mountains, sooooo steep and jagged, and the Valleys in all directions
plus all the shades of green, 41  in all we could count.
At the summit, we had a beer, visited the church, and wandered around for an hour or two. before returning down the mountains again,
Again this was a beautifull village and we really enjoyed the visit.
Mind you, Terry and Skipper observed a few layabouts under a foot bridge , drinking beer and breaking bottles,
We discussed this before agreeing that as this problem exists in most countries, ( And they are protected by the " doo gooders" and people who make
money out od protecting their rights )  All countries should get together and build an army like " The French Forign Legion " and round up all these layabouts and send them off.  This might help protect the rights of the ordinary " Joe Soap " who the dooo Gooders and the like seem have forgotten about.
We paid a visit to St-Leu on our return journey, but no beach, so we continued to the boat and Collette did a chicken and mustard sauce dinner with creamed potatoes,  We had a couple of beers , and an early night.
Neil spent the day with Oisin , Joe and Jarad from " Brown eyed Girl "  they drove to the Volcano and paid a visit ot the beach as well .
The day before, Neil spent the day with Joacham , Yutta, and Eline from " Chessie " and they did a tour of the Island .
Thats all from the South Indian Ocean for today
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde    ( Skipper )