"A LADY TRIP" Sailing around the World and avoiding the shite at home and Europe, ( presently in Equador)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 15 Feb 2010 14:22
Friday 12th February 2010
08.00hrs We had a slow start today, did a little tidy up and organised a few trips over the next few days,
10.00hrs Stephen, Aileen and Kevin  went on a sun coast trip in a prearranged bus, Donal said he would stay behind and meet
              George , who was comming to sort out the Radio's ( and of course he never turned up , Typical )
Our guide was " Jessica" A highly qualified Girl, in her late thirties, Has degrees in marine bioligy among other things, and works for the Government.
She does this " tour guide " during her holidays,
Anyway we firstly went west of Salinas, through an Army base to a headland called " Chochlate point" because of all the foam there.
The wild life everywhere was very evident and " Jessica" explained that Equador has the highest Biodiversity on the planet,
That is they have more plant life, bird life,insect life, fish life, butterflies, and creepy crawlies than anyone else.
We saw lots of Hawlks, Mocking birds, Vultures, ( the flying kind) and lizzards on this headland.
12.00 hrs We went to a Meseum called " Hosteria Farallon Dillon " It was privatly owned and also doubled up as a restaurant and Hotel.
               The Skipper met the owner, A retired Navy Captain,  who' Granfather came from Dublin,
               The granfather went to Equador as an army doctor, and their house in Dublin " Dillon House" is now a historic building.
               It was a Fantastic Place, high up on the cliff overlooking the sea. Full of memorabilia..
14.oohrs We went north along for lunchto a small village, lovely lunch and the village specialised in making surf boards,
             They must be made from " Balsa Wood" as they were so Light, You could lift the biggest one with a small finger.
On the way north, we passed massive ponds on the shore side of the Beach, these were for breeding " Shrimps" bloody big shrimps at that.
They develope the "Larva" in one area ,and then sell that to the fish ponds, for further development,
It takes 6 months the get them to the largest size, and there big. They also had lots of Flemingo's in those ponds.
Further on then, we passed mountains of Salt and salt ponds, facinating..
15.00hrs We finished the lunch and then went to a nearby Church, A Church with a difference,
              Here we had a statue of the " blessed virgin " that wept blood. A bit like our own " moving statues", of course it drew the crowds.
20.00 Back at the ranch ( boat) we met Fats , not happy that George dident turn up,
         We had dinner in the  " yacht club " it was fine but the wine was a rip off,
We met some of the other sailors and had a night cap before hitting the scratchers,
Generally a good day,
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde,  Skipper