7 June 14:15 O. Agrapidia, Antipaxos 39:09.246N 20:14.017E

Steve Coughlan
Fri 7 Jun 2024 14:10

13:45 Replaced a failed float switch in the forward grey water sump. Into shore early for supplies and a coffee then returned to Westralia. John prepared a fish soup with the sea bream caught and cleaned last night. We had that for lunch, it was excellent. Departed Paxos for Antipaxos at 13:45.

Anchored at O. Agrapidia, Antipaxos. Crystal clear water. Removed SS locking plates from transom ladder mount for straightening and filled existing plate mounting screw holes with Bison expoxy as they were flogged out. I then managed to drop the small pulley block and snatch shackle from the port dinghy lift rope whilst modifying the davit connection point. Donned the snorkelling gear but had no luck sighting it in the 6m of crystal clear water. Will have to improvise. We headed into shore and then walked up the winding steep road leading from the small landing at the head of the bay. A mountainous islet covered in lush greenery. We returned to the dinghy and headed around to the spectacular Goutoumi Bay beach, where the last of the day trippers were leaving. The taverna was shutting down so we headed back to Westralia. We went for a swim and, lo and behold, I sighted the pulley block within the swing arc of the boat! I held my position and asked John to bring me the flippers from the boat then dived down to retrieve the block. Absolute jag! Deserved a beer then an Aperol Spritz. Later in the evening we finished off the fish soup, watched Rudd v Severev and John caught another 3 sea bream!


A sailboat in the water

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Anchored at O. Agrapidia, Antipaxos

A boat on the water

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A view of a beach from a balcony

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Goutoumi Bay beach

A beach with blue water and trees

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A chain attached to a metal object

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Managed to drop this into 6m of water, complete jag in sighting it later whilst swimming with goggles. Donned flippers and retrieved it.

Reminiscent of my free diving spear fishing as a young bloke!

A group of fish on a plate

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John catches another 3 sea bream!



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